Task 73
16th December 2014
Task 75
16th December 2014


  1. Grace says:

    I had a dream one day.
    About me earning money in many different ways.
    Fixing things and sorting things out.
    Or this stuff I would charge a pound.
    Hiding my smile,hiding my pleasure.
    I feel like I’m a little feather receiving something very special.
    Time starts to evaporate on the clock.
    It reminded me of the rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock
    This makes me feel like a tax collector charging money from other people.
    Money,money special to me.
    Elevated in the air I am given and I receive.
    I need money

  2. Zayd says:

    In a house far away from here, a person had a thrilling set of coins.
    He had the 1p coin, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. He read a news paper saying as the title: 40p COIN COMING TO TOWN!

  3. Jessica Britto says:

    I had a dream,
    That made me scream, that I was a million miles away,
    In a sandy Sahara dessert inside a pyramid on my 10th birthday,
    However, all I found were pennies and pound disguised undiscovered under the ground,
    It was such a pleasure to have sight of the treasure,
    It was very fantastic to experience living underground,
    This is my wish that I cannot miss, by gathering all my precious money all for me,
    By this time, I’m sure i’ve got more than a million but less than a billion for my thirsty quench of my love of money,
    Bewilderingly, I heard thunder and alas I discovered that it was all a dream of selfishness which loses ones dignity.

  4. Gracie Parker says:

    “Joe!” Hi there that’s my Dad and I’m Joe and this is how I became rich. One day I was sitting in myself and dads room drawing a picture when I heard a ring of the phone, so, as usual I got up and answered it. Who could it be? I thought no one ever calls us except from my teacher asking why I wasn’t at school, but I had been at school for the whole week! Anyway, I said “Hi,” and then someone said back, “Hello, I understand that you have created a new flavour of ice cream called Tofflate which is a mixture of chocolate and toffee so we have sold it in a super market. Over the last 3 days we have received over £1 million so we would like to give it to you please. Use your money responsibly and all of the other money we receive and give to you. Have fun and have a nice day and rest of your life with your money. Bye”

  5. James Gold says:

    Jingle,a colony of musty coins fell out of a rich mans pocket, I frantically searched around for the coins as if they where diamonds. Lying there motionless the coins safely in my pocket, did this mean I was a thief ? Did anyone notice? I looked around for signals of danger, I found nothing. Just as I turned to leave an old man tapped me gently on the shoulder and murmured, ” Are you gonna put that back” I thought about it for a moment and replied a little to quickly,
    “Yes, of course Iam! ” he looked at me speciously, I went as red as a violet, he turned around and started limping away tutting as loud as possible, before disappearing in the distance. I breathed a quiet sign of relief. Suddenly a tall man came looming over me and shouted angrily, ” IT WAS HER! ” I looked around for help no one was there.

  6. Jeffreyn says:

    Money,shiny like gold and sparkling like treasure.Shaking in the tag wondrously.Miraculous money falling from heavens graciously.Money makes you rich.Do you know there is £1000 note coming today at 16.30?.”I love money !” Without money you will suffer in life.

  7. Harley Taylor says:

    Cashing In

    “Hello my name is Harley and this is about when just one lottery ticket changed my life forever.”

    I was slouched down into a cosy couch when my dad rushed in and from his expression he felt flabbergasted, he was jumping up and down in excitement. I’d never seen him like this all pumped up with adrenalin rush in through his veins. After a minute to calm down he finally spoke up”We have won the lottery. ” All of a sudden a huge cheer filled the room, I was speechless. The day had come we had to check it in and after that life would be a breeze.

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