Task 74
16th December 2014
Task 76
16th December 2014


  1. Daisy Nash says:

    Dear Diary,
    Today was the most boring (yet annoying) days of my life. I’ll tell you all about it…
    I was sitting at my desk bored to death, hoping that my wife would have called me. I looked at the time and it was only 15:00; at my work you can leave at 19:00 or after, so there was still four whole hours until I could go! Anyway, I got a random phone-call and realised it wasn’t my wife, so I ignored it. After that they called me another nine times and on the tenth I decided to answer because they were getting on my nerves. I bet you can’t guess who it was, some kids doing a prank call to me! I got so incredibly annoyed that I screamed at the top of my voice down the phone (hopefully they will never bother me again.)
    Bye Diary
    Martin Leon 🙂

  2. Dear Diary,
    Today like every other day I sat at my brown desk eating my bland lunch waiting for a phone call from my wife we were going to dinner for our seven year anniversary it was only 16:00pm and we can leave when ever we want so i left at 17:00pm and got in our Audi A5 sports line and went to her work to pick her up just to find out an hour later that she was at the restaurant already so i drove as fast as i could then i got a call i ignored then the tenths time i picked it up it was a person selling things I was so angry I answered the call and screamed down the phone when i got to the restaurant we had a lovely meal and we went home watched a movie and went to bed.
    bye diary Lucas Avalon.

  3. Mason Rogers says:


    One lovely Christmas eve a person was talking to their original family in Canada on Skype when suddenly the internet went out! the person was mortified and full of rage so she grabbed the phone and called the internet and started shouting her head off! She screamed she shouted and she cried but she didn’t stop until this was fixed, but the internet providers didn’t listen and was talking about getting free delivery and will come the next month! Soon the person gave up.

    Based off a real story.

  4. Aryan says:

    Dear Diary,

    It has been the most stressful day, I’ve had in a long time. I slumped on my chair (bored to death) waiting for my tyrant boss to notify me when i can leave this horrible place! Full of joy, the phone rang, i jumped out of seat (making a scene) and then calmly took the phone call. Unfortunately, it was my tax report, telling me I had to deposit ten thousand pounds before the end of this month. I bellowed under my breath and got to work immediately!
    Bye Diary
    Aryan Nadeem

  5. Vridhi Bhatia says:

    One day as I was sitting, sadly, on my boring, ginger desk, in a meeting, I tried not to sleep. Suddenly, there was a strange noise ‘ding dong’, I looked down to see my phone was ringing. I sat in embarrassment, while people laughed at me, I tried to stay calm, until again ‘ding dong’. I knew what to do. I laughed at the man opposite me
    “Ha Ha” I said.
    Everyone joined, until the guy opposite me said
    “It’s not my phone”
    There was silence. Then the noise came again ‘ding, dong’. Everyone slowly stared at me, but worst of all my boss was giving me a dark, angry eye. I slowly, backed up and ran out of the door and never went back.

  6. Grace Woodcock says:

    OMG!!! I am so angry at those silly little kids! They almost got me fired! So basically what happened was, I was at my desk at work trying to mark some papers until I heard my phone ring, these kids pretended to be my daughter(so I put the phone on speaker) and then I said “you’re on speaker.” Then they screamed down the phone ” you’re a rubbish teacher and I want to get you fired so can I speak to Mrs Lea,” (the head teacher) ” Mrs Lea, ummm Miss Woodcock,” (me) “is the worst teacher ever because she taught us the complete opposite to what we were supposed to be learning!!!”

  7. Matthew says:

    Today was an exceedingly stressful day for Dave…

    It all began when he decided to stagger down the stairs for some morning coffee, when the phone started calling out like a distressed animal. Exhaustedly, he stumbled towards it, grabbed it, and held it up to his mouth.
    “Hello?” he croaked. “Who’s there?”

    “Greetings Mr. Davison,” replied a man with a deep, serious voice. “We are incredibly sorry to inform you that, due to your recent absence, your property no longer belongs to you.”
    Dave’s calm, sleep-deprived face suddenly turned into a tangle of madness and fury.

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