Task 75
16th December 2014
Task 77
16th December 2014


  1. Jeremy says:

    When I was on my Christmas Holidays, I went to my cousin Serena’s house and had a sleepover. Before I was picked up, I got a tiger onezie, a candle, some chooclate and 3 science set. We lit the candles we got and turned down all of the electricity in the house.
    On the 23rd we decorated the house in red! We bought red glasses, a red tablecloth, red wine, a red blanket and a star for the tree. Then we admired our work.[it looked like a hotel!]

  2. During the half term I went to my friend birthday party it was a pool party there was slides and everything it was really fun i wanted to do it again it was that fun. After that there was food and a cake we then played it we also played it in the pool it was so much fun i went on all the slides one of them was really dark with scary music it was so much fun.

  3. Adam Hickey says:

    Everyone was having fun in the peaceful waves. Netted hammocks were swinging, as relaxed people lay on them carelessly. Variegated beachballs flew across the sky ecstatically, like a lark. Saturated humans dived in repeatedly and bulbous floats, drifted along in tranquillity.This is the life!
    Crowds of eager surfers searched for a phenomenal wave. Dark, murky seaweed waved underwater as the galloping humans raced by. Rocky pebbles moved from one place to another. Circles of soft white foam appeared, as the wonderful waves sloshed and splashed. The scenic sea was like a rare sapphire. Silver streaks of light danced across the water attractively and rippling rock-pools, like dreams filled up from the gentle flickers of water. This picture glistened with a million diamonds, sparkling on the water. The calm foam rolled onto the beach idly and coiled around the rocks, like loathsome, treacherous snake. This is the life!
    The crystal clear water was as smooth as silk. The vivid, blue water was a picture postcard of paradise. The fragile waves creased the golden surface and slid gently onto the cove. The waves glided, like a swish of the curtain, and onto the yellow, powdery sand. This is the life!

  4. Emma Corrigan says:

    The sky is a shimmering dazzling blue, the sun blazed from the cloudless sky and millions of sparkles like diamond, glittered on the water. The beach is wide and clear surrounded by golden powdery sand and behind the sand are some pebbly, rocky rock pools.
    When it`s dinner time return home to the cool air conditioned room and relax on the comfy sofas.Outside the the luxurious white washed hotel rooms lies a refreshing sky blue swimming pool with spectacular multi-coloured disco lighted tubular roller coaster style water slide.
    In the northwest wing of the hotel hides a cool kids club which gives the adults the opportunity for adults to relax, by occupying the kids with lots of exciting art, fun and challenging games to play, with delicious, healthy lunch followed by quiet and funny story at the end!

  5. Sophie H-E says:


    It was a fresh, pleasant day when amazing Harriet and her sensational mum went on an eventful holiday to a five star hotel in lively Spain. ” Mum! Mum! Look there’s a swimming pool! Can we get in?” asked Harriet.
    “Yes dear, sure.” replied her mum.
    Harriet and her mum got changed in the decorative changing rooms. when Harriet and her mum came out of the changing rooms they went to the colossal swimming pool and jumped into a pile of balls that were in the swimming pool. Harriet threw a shiny, colourful ball at her fantastic mum so her brilliant mum threw a ball back!! Unfortunately, after a while it started to rain so Harriet and her mum had to stop playing, get out and get dressed and ready to go back to the hotel and sit down to relax!!
    THE END!!!!!

  6. Mason Rogers says:

    A Short Story By Mason Rogers
    The Ball Problem!
    One nice sunny day at the Koti resort one rich family (they have billions) came there and their kid Jack had truckloads of balls! Now he gave some no each resort but this one resort became too greedy and wanted all of them so they could have more people come there, Jack needed to take action because they were selfish and wanted attention! So Jack made a plan, a plan to get revenge…

    One scorching hot night the owners of the Koti resort were swimming in the best pool in the V.I.P only room in the resort that runs 24/7 which really enraged all the V.I.P travelers because it was the best pool around! So they helped Jack teach the owners a lesson here’s the plan

    1: Get a V.I.P to distract them
    2: Sneak in the room
    3: Go up to the part that people lean on to get a view of the pool
    3b: Before that get a massive bucket of balls
    4: Hide (pretty straightforward)
    5: Let the owners get back in the pool
    6: Dump all the balls in the pool
    7: Run

    After that they chose the people and did it. 1 hour later and they succeeded and escaped, got away with it and never came back. Finally the owners got taught a lesson and never did it again or did they…

  7. Aaron juhti says:

    Once I had a dream of sweets, lots and lots of sweets. Some felt as soft as a baby’s bum, some were crunchy as autumn leaves and some melted in your mouth. The cluster of sweet formed a face. The liquorice eyes gave me a hard stare. Without any more further delays I scoffed down the colourful candy. Mmmm! Yummy.

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