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16th December 2014
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10th January 2015


  1. Ksenia says:

    The desert

    Exhausted, I staggered through the dry sand nearly sinking. It was extremely hot and I drank my last drop of water, it felt like heaven but, immediately the feeling stopped. I had to move steadily or I would sink. The last time I have ate was in town but then I got kicked out because I couldn’t pay my rent.
    Here I was in the middle of the desert. It felt like every bit of sand was an enemy to me. Soon the air will be so hot that I wont be able to breathe.
    A few more hours of strolling and I saw something, it was a huge table with food and water. “Was this true? Is this a real table with plenty to eat and drink?” I laughed to myself . So I ran to it as fast as my weary legs would let me but as soon as I got close it moved away. That meant it was a mirage.
    Now at least I could see cactuses in the distance. Suddenly I saw something, it looked like a huge assembly of animals. There were lions, elephants,tigers… But because it was so hot and they have found this wonderland (where there is food and water) they are all friendly to each other. Then for a moment I thought what if it was a mirage again? But this place wasn’t moving away, it was getting closer.
    Now I could see every detail of this kingdom. Monkeys were calling, the elephants had baths…
    A few more minutes of trotting on my camel and I was having a celebration with the animals. I made a tiny tent to sleep in and ate the
    juicy fruit. I had a great time.

  2. Dylan says:

    It was my twelth birthday and my genourous parents decided to have a family trip to Egypt. Soon we arrived and I was given £95. I was excited to be in Egypt and couldn’t wait to explore the majestic lands. Soon I came across a diseased rodent, but to Egyptions, it was a camel. The dirty man in front asked if I would ride it. Unexpectedly I agreed! I was extremely petrified.; sweat was dashing down my forehead. Whilst I was on it, there was immense silence the owner was gob smacked only because I sat on the camel’s head. So I ran off to my mother. I was huffing and puffing and acting like I had been shot by a radio active bluet and was on the run. But I will never ever forget the day I was as mad as a hatter.

  3. Dylan says:

    It was my eleventh birthday, the 2nd of June to be precise. My (should we say generous) parents booked us a stunning trip in the majestic land of Egypt!

    I was carelessly roaming around the extremely hot lands when what looked to be a beggar approached me shouting, “Camel ride, Gettcha one Euro ride!” His torn rags and battered socks confirmed my suspicion of him not having a bath for several days. His long unkempt beard had tiny food bits, providing an excellent meal for the mosquitoes.

    My heart told me to give him money but my head remembered something my mother once said, “Never talk to strangers.” As quick as a flash, I turned on my heel and ran as fast as I could, all the way to the safety of our hotel room.

  4. Emma Corrigan says:

    Humid, sweaty, unbearable, a rich, loyal man walked in the desert. Until suddenly, BANG, BANG, BANG! His things were all gone all his money and everything important to him. He has been robbed!

    A few hour later some priest came past, they wondered what on earth he was… they suddenly found out he was a Christian, however, they are too!

    The next person was also a Christian! Even though the first two were Christians the next one was a Samaritan and Samaritans and Christians were not meant to like each other. However the Samaritan to the Christian, he took him to a hotel and took good care of him.

  5. AKASH says:

    With sweat upon his brows, the weary traveller, who had a one-hump camel, was desperate for water. The desert was scorching hot with poisonous and ruthless scorpions in it.
    Scouring the area for water, he prayed hopelessly ” May God have mercy upon my sinful soul.”
    Across the dusty barren streets, he saw a tall,muscular dressed in high quality clothes made of unbelievably soft and smooth silk.Stumble!
    Desperately, the tired traveller asked the man politely,” Please may I have water?”
    Finally, he said” John” looking at his badge.
    John hesitated. John reluctantly gave him water.
    “Thanks!” replied the traveller.

  6. aaron juhti says:

    There we were, with the blue sea above our heads moving in mysterious ways, we were stranded!! My mouth was dry, I was dehydrated and I felt like collapsing on the lumps of scalding sand. My brother on the other hand was sitting on the malodorous camel. I was as sweaty as a pig. Bang! I rolled on the sand unconsciously.

  7. Jeffreyn says:

    Hot and humid deserts are really tinng,and deserts are like places full of hotness. I don’t want to walk in the dry exhausted deserts because deserts are thirsty places.You can never walk in the unbearable sweaty deserts at summer,because deserts are never to e touched by human again.Dry deserts are places you should never go to.The desert is full of sinking sand.

  8. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    It was my eleventh birthday, the 21st of March to be precise. My {should we say loving} parents had secretly planned a holiday in EGYPT!
    When I was roaming the desert desert, I saw a beggar approaching me, he wasn’t a pretty sight. He was wearing some old, torn rags and was walking barefoot in the boiling, hot sand. His back was bending slightly, his head was crooked and his eyes were fixed on me with a sort of friendly and deadly stare.He staggered sluggishly up to me, and strangely started explaining about his life. The mysterious person told me an interesting tale about being held in slavery and then being moved to a rich house to be made into a servant. While he unravelled the secrets of his life, I noticed that he had hastily drawn a sharp knife from a dark pocket. As I was quite clever, I knew he would strike when I was vulnerable and was deeply listening to the story. So I fooled him by making myself look interested. After a few minutes,it happened. He raised the knife and tried to murder me, but was too late and missed. Suddenly, I noticed that he was forcing blades around my surroundings. I sprinted rapidly to the heavens and safety of the warmth
    of my hotel room, and relaxed luxuriously on my untouchable bed. Isn’t life amazing?

  9. BS says:

    Exhausted and hot, I traipsed through the dehydrated desert, the blazing hot sun stared down at me as if I was prey and it was the predator. Nothing blocked the view of the everlasting sandy landscape, except for the sweat that was a waterfall as it fell down my face, making my view of the one million grains of the insufficient sand blurred. Cacti pointed as if they were sights, helping someone who was off-course find their way so they were back on track. Camels, careless of the sizzling sun above and the vexatious sand beneath, he carried on their journey, carrying sleeping adults and children alike to their destination.

  10. Grace Woodcock says:

    Sweat dripping down my, face falling onto the, hot, dry sand. It was so hot I could barely feel my face, I was struggling to walk, my legs feeling weak and worn out, they were falling through the sand. People going, and competing for water. People were surrounding me, begging for water. I was thirsty too so I just begged back. Their skin looked all shrivelled, their lips all dry, hair all dirty. Then there was me with my perfect life my skin all moisturised, my lips very soft, and hair washed frequently!!! It was unfair to them I though,t I can’t imagine myself in their shoes!!!

  11. Lana says:

    ARGH!! My camel shook and bucked irritably, nearly pushing me off. My mouth felt as dry as a sunflower with no water. The beaming sun felt like torture, beating it’s devilish rays down on me. Water in my satchel gurgled and swished around. Exhausted and weary, I drank the last, precious drop of water. It felt wonderful – for 30 seconds! In despair, I fell to the ground. Miserably, I stumbled along, knee deep in sand. The Gold substance ran rapidly through my fingers.The palm trees waved their leaves as if to say, good luck! I thought all was lost…

  12. Diya Jena says:

    Here I was, out in the desert. What was I doing here? So long ago it was, that I can’t even remember! As I staggered along, the merciless sun’s glare punishing me, I forced myself to keep moving onwards, to reach home, however I would do that. The camel I was leading looked quite contented, and I tried not to feel down-hearted at the thought of it getting all the water . . . Thump! Thinking of water, I dropped down suddenly, unable to move my burning, bare feet. Did I care that the grains of sand were swallowing me, or I was dying of the overpowering heat? No. I think I must have lay there for at least two hours, before getting a massive prod in my back that woke me. Above my face, I could see a crowd of children, all my age, pointing curiously at me and my face. They especially seemed interested of the large jewel clasped in my hand . . .

  13. Riya jena says:

    The travellers walked laboriously up sand dunes that kept shifting in the wind, occasionally passing rocks that were carved by the tiny grains of sand. They were leading a few camels with them, who just walked blankly ahead, without really doing much at all. Above them, a vast blue sky, almost like the ocean, was draped over the harsh, barren landscape that surrounded them all the way to the horizon. Clouds here and there looked like unwelcome pieces of white candyfloss amongst the boring blue and yellow. The sun was high up in the sky, lashing down whips of sun rays and heat that just could not be controlled. Around the travellers and camels, hardly any life was seen, except for the occasional cactus that was a bright splash of luscious green against the block yellow.

  14. diya Jena says:

    My legs half-buried in the sand, I struggled along like a dolphin forcing its way through a tsunami. The accursed rays of the mocking sun beat down on me. Sweat made my shirt stick to my back and my dark, long hair didn’t do much to save me from the torture of the heat. As I looked at the camels trotting ahead, I screamed in agony and wished I could be as contented as they were.

  15. Matthew says:

    Staggering, the exhausted men travelled across the golden sea like two lonely ships, sailing across a vast ocean. The giant, shining sphere in the sky down upon the travellers, mocking their dangerous journey. Drenched with sweat, they continued walking across the desert.

    “This is agonising!” one croaked. “How am I supposed to survive in this environment!”
    “Just keep on moving!” said the other. “We are almost there…”

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