Task 79
10th January 2015
Task 81
10th January 2015


  1. Funny Horse Face!
    16:58… Dear Diary,
    I’m about to go horse-riding at the stables, but this week I am extremely nervous because my riding teacher said she was going to put me on the tallest horse, whilst on a hack (riding outside, not in any school.) Right now I am sitting by the front door, waiting to go.

    I am about to take Joey (the horse I’m riding) out of his stable. Still nervous, but I’m going to go for it!

    He is now out of his stable, he is frisky and hungry, but I’m feeling a bit more positive now! 🙂

    I’m about to get on him now, luckily I will have a teacher beside me at all times! A few seconds ago Joey did the funniest thing with his head. He put it high in the sky and curled his lips up! It was hilarious!

    I have just been riding and are now sitting on the stairs. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, though I was a bit wobbly at first!

    Bye Diary
    Daisy!!! 🙂

  2. At the moment, I’m at whirly farm, quite an odd name for a farm if you ask me but they didn’t just call it that for nothing.

    They called it that because the farm contained the weirdest and most unpredictable animals ever, as I walked past the pigs, they were rolling in water fountains the size of queen size beds and cows ate mud.

    Out of the blue, I saw an abundance of visitors surrounding the horses stable. Managing to squeeze through the crowd I caught a glimpse of the horses countenance and it seemed that it was sleeping on rats and it’s left lip had lifted and created wrinkles. This manufactured so much laughter, it was a day to remember.

  3. Sophie H-E says:

    The Ugly Horse

    It was one dazzling sunny day, when I was looking through my expensive camera and came across an ugly looking horse. Quickly, I took the most funny picture of it. Its extended tongue is as dry as crunchy crackers. The disgusting, mouldy teeth are rotten eggs dangling from its slobbery gum. His nostrils were carpeting his whole face. They are as big as a colossal monsters eye. His hair is as black as a deadly dream.

    A few seconds later, I decided to feed it with a carrot. Greedily, he chewed it like a dirty pig, then gave out the most rank burp ever. It wafted across the fresh field. (It wasn’t fresh any more)!!

  4. James Gold says:

    “Tut, tut,tut” Great Uncle Ned was at it again, doing all of that funny business of telling us about himself when he was a little foal like me. “I used to be able to jump over the massive fence over in the corner of the farm!” he boasted, “and when I fell into the ditch right after it I wouldn’t need help to get back up onto my hooves.” I tried to tell him that the farm is better than it was back then, our farmer in the war. So that made him bragg on about my great grandfather – his dad – helping our farmer fight in the war and won medals. I never believed that tale until the day that the farmer’s friend came round and he was showing him the medals that they’d won. Thinking about it, i’am lucky to be alive and that I am going to research more about the history of my family. I will listen to Uncle ned more but I still can’t get over the fact that he was a race horse in the olympics.

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