Task 80
10th January 2015
Task 82
10th January 2015


  1. Adam says:

    Meeting People
    We are desperately hanging onto the massive, peach alien. My brother is scuttling around the colossal paws and scrutinising the sharp claws the aliens call nails. Without warning, EARTHQUAKE! Everything began to shake! There were soldiers leading us ladybirds to safety. “Move, move, move!” they shouted promptly.
    Within a few minutes, everyone had evacuated the moving mountain. We disappear into emerald, green weeds gradually. “Halt!” yelled Colonel Spot deafeningly, “the grasshoppers are here!” A THUD hit the dusty dirt. A faint figure revealed a load of scarred grasshoppers, twitching slightly. Everyone was flabbergasted. The two armies, the ladybirds and the grasshoppers, began to fight, but the two colonels greeted each other warmly.
    They all collected food and drinks together and all got as drunk as a Lord!

  2. Mason Rogers says:

    In the world of black and white a new ladybug was born, but not just any normal one, this one was in COLOUR! (how is colour spelled incorrectly?) This ladybug was actually in colour so the owners of the house that had the garden with the ladybug in it put it in a safe environment where it wouldn’t get hurt and it would sometimes let it out but this time something bad happened! When the owner let it out the bug flew away and the owner never saw it again! To this day this legend is still being told to many children to prove that there really is colour!

  3. Sophie says:

    Yesterday I was looking for insects and bugs,
    Ants, caterpillars, moths and slugs,
    I looked under rocks – underground,
    But couldn’t see anything not hear a sound,
    Just then, hiding in the grass, I saw a ladybird,
    It had a dotted body, eyes white like curd,
    I picked it up, with my dirty hands,
    And carried it to safe lands,
    I smiled happily,as I watched it lay,
    If it could talk, what would it say?

  4. Shernet Chapline says:

    I think that every creature deserves a life. From the almighty lion to the minuscule insect that scurry’s on the gravelly floor. When I found this ladybird,I couldn’t help rescue it from being trodden on. I made an insect friendly home for the ladybird and treating it like gold, I gave it some food, took it up in my hands, and placed it in its shelter seeing it live so happily made me glow with pride inside.

  5. Charlie Nicel says:

    The lady bug is as red as blood. It sings as if it was an angel. The animal has wings of a plane. He is more beautiful than a butterfly-like all lady bugs.

  6. BS says:

    Ladybird Poem

    Ladybirds are dressed in red,
    strolling through the flower bed,
    if you were me and I was you,
    I’d creep through the flowers too!

  7. Riya Jena says:

    What really was that big, ugly, fat monster thing trying to catch me? Was it one of those stupid human creatures I had heard of in legends? It probably was. The human’s dirty hands followed me as I fluttered silently in front of its mysteriously deep green eyes. It was a giant to me and I was actually quite scared of its large meaty hands. Other insects came and watched me as I tried to dodge the grasp of the unattractive human. Short brown hair rested on the boy’s dim-witted head like a piece of ragged cloth. Finally, after much dodging and fluttering, I gave up and the human boy caught me. Gently, it placed its hand over me, and there was nothing but eerie darkness . . .

  8. diya Jena says:

    The ladybird, strolling along its way, had never seen or heard of a “human” before. And it was very surprised when it came upon one, one day.

    Coruscating brightly was the sun, stretching down its arms to welcome the Earth. As usual, crawling between the tree-high blades of grass, was the ladybird. Its coat was glinting in the sun like a cherry, and the dotted spots lying on the shell were bursting with colour, not only black. Silently, the ladybird retreated to its favourite apple tree, only noticing that an invader, more like a mammoth, was the tree, with its dirty hands splayed across the rough bark coating the trunk. Just as the ladybird was going to fly, the “human”, as the ladybird found it was called, seized the innocent culprit, and dropped it in their palm. That was the day that the little ladybird met the human.

  9. Diya Jena says:

    With a shiny, red coat and painted black dots, the small creature moved along the rough finger of the human. Where there was a gap in the shell, a glint of silvery gold of the minute wings could be glimpsed. Its spindly, small legs looked as fragile as china or glass, ready to crack under the immense weight.

  10. Melisa says:

    It was like I had just awoken from the dead. Debris and rubble were piled high, mocking us weak humans. I tried to sit up, but my body would not allow me to: I must have fractured many bones. I peered down to see the damage that had been done to the outside of my body. Blood. Dirt. Blood. Dirt. That is all that I could register. I had laid there for ten minutes straight before I became aware of my shocking surroundings. Lifeless bodies were sprawled all over the ground and a block of flats were centimetres away from my head: if it had fell slightly to the left, I would have been crushed. That was when I decided that there was no such thing as hope.
    Until, I heard a faint buzzing sound. There was no colour: what was making the noise? Everything was in a shade of grey. I screwed up my eyes and I saw a microscopic red spot. It came closer and closer and I realised that it was a ladybird. I cupped my hands for the ladybird to land on it. I started to laugh gently and cry at the same time. The ladybird was my faith. I wasn’t alone anymore.

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