Task 81
10th January 2015
Task 83
10th January 2015


  1. A sheer drop in the road led to a quarry, with jagged, sharp pieces of rock sticking up everywhere. Originally, there had been a bridge, suspended in mid-air, but it broke. Stop signs were put up as they were working to fix the elephantine bridge. One night, though, there were strong winds and the stop signs got blown off the edge of the drop…

    The next day, a man called Douglas was driving along in his new Bugatti Veyron Super Sports that he had only bought a few weeks ago and it cost £1472851.30. Zooming along at 70 mph (this was a main road as well, but almost everyone knew about the closures, Douglas hadn’t yet worked out how to operate the radio) when he didn’t see the hole, he only saw the other side of the bridge as they were starting from the other side and it was a slope up to the bridge, or the stop signs at the edge, he sped right off the edge, heading straight for the rocks, that were waiting to smash him and his precious car to their death…

    Suddenly, they slowed down to a halt, just inches from the ground, suspended there for a few minutes before being pulled up and out by a crane with a magnet on the end. The man driving it had spotted them rushing round the bend and up the hill, so he got ready to save them, he got them just as they started their descent, but the crane had had troubles with slowing the car to a stop before it crashed.

    Later, the people working there inserted hundreds of stop signs from quite a way away and made sure that the posts were firmly in and visible.

  2. Mason Rogers says:

    Stop Sign Mayhem!
    One cold night there was a old bridge that had been destroyed from a new glass building that knocked it down as well as the glass building! So in the next 24 hrs someone named Jon (yes he is actually called Jon) drove through the wreckage on the road under it and Jon’s car sustained serious damage to the tires and the body and trust me that costed allot of money allot in fact so much that it costed over £100,000 to repair!

    The next morning (10 hrs to be precise) they put 10 stop signs down to make sure nobody else had the same accident but guess what? It was completely useless because everyone was wasting their money! The government took action by making tougher tires and making them free but as expected that didn’t help so basically everyone couldn’t do anything about it and the mess from all the wrecked cars was too big for anyone to clean it up until wait… nothing happened! The End!

    You’re not supposed to be here. Oh wait you want to hear the ending? Okay fine then. 🙁

    They did actually clean up the mess but with special equipment that could clean up messes in almost an instant that was made in 2046, it was made completely of metal and glass and fabric that made the CLEAN-UP-B0T-565433451 that ran on electricity
    Okay this is actually the end!


  3. Vedant Patil says:

    The Sleeping Truck…

    One gloomy night, a black truck was zooming down the highway. It had no driver, so people thought it was a Ghost truck. But, as usual no one believed them (except the people who also saw the Truck). The ghost truck had entered the town by then and more and more people believed that it was a ghost truck. At 4:00 in the AM, the truck was going to a Zebra crossing. There was a family crossing the road…. But the truck did not stop! The 3 people with stop signs stood in the middle of the road, but the truck still didn’t stop! But the truth was that the driver in the truck, but had fallen asleep on the accelerator and his legs were on the steering wheel! Then finally the truck stopped because the driver awoke.

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