Task 82
10th January 2015
Task 84
10th January 2015


  1. The Finger-Tips

    Let me tell you about a family of fingers named The Finger-Tips! Well, to start, there are three of them and they love to make fun of humans, especially their occupations.

    Mum is one of those people who is fastidious about cleaning (if she sees one tiny speck of dust, she cleans it immediately.)She cleans so fast she’s like a ninja, who has just drunk a energy drink and wildly, whizzing round the house! All of her personal possessions she has are in places where they are all on show and they are all arranged in dead-straight lines. Also, she always makes sure that her child and husband are healthy and not unwell.

    Dad is the worker of the family. His job is a scientist and he works from 9a.m. to 6p.m. testing experiments (usually coming home with dirt all over his face from experiments that have failed!) Although he works long hours, he ALWAYS comes home to a cooked dinner, waiting on the table for him.

    Let me now tell you about the child. He is lazy and characterless and is always playing computer games! He also never rises from the sofa, unless he wants food, drink or needs the toilet!

    I bet you wouldn’t want to live with The Finger-Tips now. Or would you…

  2. sandhana says:

    Patter Patter . Small raindrops helplessly tried to invade the window pane . Mum ( Jaia ) looked out of the window her wired hair slithered onto her shoulders like snakes.
    ” Pathetic , look at the servants , now let me guess they are tiered they need a rest , go and call the butler Thomas ” screeched Jaia pointing and slamming the window.
    Before Thomas could even say ‘but’ Jaia whisked him away to the bottom of the stairs.
    Jaia was always moaning and made everyone’s lives moody and even some people tried to stay away from her. She was the wife of the house and when Henry ( master ) went to work she would beat her slaves and shave of their hair. ( and some , they were only kids ) Jaia made the servants feel like they were as small as an ant .
    One day Henry went to work and left Jaia picking one of her lace and velvet gowns and Thomas snoring happily in his wooden king-sized bed .
    ” Right boy get up you lazy oaf ,darling ”, snapped Jaia in her intricate , slim dress ,” We need to go down stairs and you shall guide me down ”.
    ” Go and asked Seleana the servant . She’s cleaning you wardrobe ”.
    So Jaia stormed across the balcony and handed her hand to Seleana but Seleana did not take it instead she pushed Jaia away from her vigorously and through a scented perfume at her which made the scent waft through into Thomas’s room and made him awake.
    ” I will not obey you any more you rascal ‘,’ cried Seleana .
    By now Thomas had crept into the room and saw the action that was taken in place then ran to his mum and hugged her . Just then Seleana cursed Jaia , Thomas and Henry as they were never happy . Now they are MY property and I can screech at them on what to do .
    . Seleana told me if they become restless or grumpy she will curse them even more .

  3. OC says:

    Meet the TOP FINGERS…
    The mum is called Lavender and she loves to grow different types of flowers, she is always moaning about something whether it is flowers or the TV isn’t working. Her most cherished possession is her son Rowley. She always has guests round and loves to make sure everything is spick-and-span and is dusted well. She has the eye of a tiger and spots every little thing that goes on.

    The dad is called Nicky, Nick for short, he is a bug exterminator, and jumps around in a blood red suit like a frog. His hobbies are art and dancing, he has performed in many shows and loves his family more than anything in the whole wide world.

    The child is called Rowley, he loves to play with his mates and is a grade two in drums, he is in a rock band called Sharp like Daggers. His hobbies are drums and singing he also has been in many shows and for his age group is rated the top 100 in the country.

  4. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    By Sujana Tazmeen

    There was once a family of fingers named the fingertips. Let me tell you about them. Well, to start there are three of them and they have very different habits.

    Mum is one of those people who think they’re queen of the house. She is also crazy about cleaning. If she sees a speck of dust anywhere, she’ll clean it like pronto.

    Dad is the most resilient but ignorant person to be seen. He works so hard in a factory that when he comes home he is always muttering aggressively.

    The child is lazy and lethargic. He plays computer games all day (and night) and only ever gets his eyes off the computer when he needs food, drink or the toilet.

    You wouldn’t want to meet them, or would you . . .

  5. Lana says:

    DRIP-DROP, DRIP-DROP! “Here comes the rain again,” sighed my Mum. Me and my family (the finger-family) were yet again staring through a dirty window at pouring rain. “Jana, sweetheart,” called my Mum. “Looks like we’re having a storm again. Fetch the buckets will you?” Without replying, I stomped over to the buckets. Every time it rains, water pours in through our roof. Well, not our roof exactly. Our home is a family’s attic, dusty and worn.
    Once I had tugged the buckets, my bedroom was a mini ocean. “Mum!” I yelled at the top of my voice. PITTER-PATTER, PITTER-PATTER. The rain hit the window pane. There was no reply. My bedroom floor was flooded, and my feet were wet. My bed (A rusty old cardboard box) stood steadily in the corner. A pile of books were patiently waiting to be read.
    Just then, I heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” I whispered. It was Billy, my little Brother.
    “Jana!” He screeched. “our house is flooded!”. Billy threw the door open wide.

    WHOOSH!!!!!! A tsunami of water laid before us. I gasped in disbelief. Suddenly, Mum and Dad rushed in. It was a proper calamity. Mum huddled us up. “Whatever happens…” she said, before taking a long pause. “I love you all.” I squeezed my Mum tight and started to cry.

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