Task 83
10th January 2015
Task 85
10th January 2015


  1. OC says:

    The 12 Times Table
    Twelve equals twelve when multiplied by one,
    The twelve times table is so much fun.

    Twelve is an artist and likes to draw,
    Multiply it by two to get twenty four.

    Twelve is magic and full of tricks,
    Multiply it by three to get thirty six.

    Twelve is marvellous, twelve is great,
    Multiply it by four to get forty eight.

    Multiply twelve by five, to get six-zero,
    Learn your twelve times table to be a hero.

  2. sandhana says:

    Twelve books on the shelve;
    which intrepid book should I delve .
    Twelve white as snow pages helplessly lying in there;
    Circles like the sun , triangles and a square .
    BONG , BONG . The booming bell rang ;
    ( Where do I hide the book) Twelve tanned children cruised to their table in a gang .
    My bouche lips swiftly flickered russet red ;
    Now I’ve got Twelve friends my best friend is Jane Ale Fred.
    But I still remember the twelve books on
    the shelve which one of them I read …

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