Task 85
10th January 2015
Task 87
10th January 2015

Write a story about this snail race….


  1. The Snail Race

    Mum was at work. The only thing I had got to do was homework. I lay on my bed feeling depressed. School was tomorrow and homework was that day. I closed my eyes thinking about the most terrible night. The night before. It was horrific. My Dad was snoring, my My mum was fidgeting, my brother was coughing and spluttering, and there’s me, laying in my bed quietly, closing my eyes trying to get to sleep. Just as I thought the whole story through in my head, A strange image emerged. It was of bright red toadstools packed together, with doors. It was like a toadstool village. Then fairies, pixies, gnomes, elves and other strange creatures started to appear, coming out of the toadstools, or even sun bathing in a stripy deckchair. I then found that some human sized ladybugs and bumble bees were smiling at me. I smiled to them too. What really, really surprised me, was that snails were having races across a poppy field. Everybody went quiet and a large, kind looking wasp, holding a blue and white mega-phone approached.
    “Good Morning ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, fairies , pixies, gnomes and elves. Bumble bees, ladybugs, caterpillars, millipedes…You get the idea.” Said the wasp, speaking into his mega-phone. “Today is the Snail-sprint Championships.”
    Everybody cheered and clapped their hands above their heads.
    “Yes, yes it’s that time of year once again.” Smiled the wasp. “Now, anybody who wishes to see the Championships, will need to buy tickets, in that box office over there, by the entrance of the poppy field, in which the races will take place. You will need to pay ten, of Mr Dots’ fresh, dandelion petals.”
    I was delighted, I loved races. The only thing was, was that I didn’t know where Mr Dots was. I saw a kind looking fairy with two children. The children were both fairies too, with tiny little butterfly shaped wings. The Mother fairy, it looked like, was wearing a beautiful pink dress, with some kind of swirly pattern sewn on it. the two children were both girls, and were wearing the same kind of dress like their mother’s.
    “Mr Dots’ Petal Shop is this way.” The mother fairy was saying to the children. ” I wonder how much dandelion petals are.” She said frowning, putting her tiny delicate hand into a pink handbag, the same colour as her dress.
    I followed her shyly, and finally said “Excuse me?” in a sweet quiet voice.
    The fairy turned immediately, to find me standing there like a two year old, hands touching in front of my belly button.
    “Hello there,” she said. “Are you looking for Mr Dots?”
    “Yes,” I said, and nodded at her.
    “Well I think you better follow me.”
    We arrived at Mr Dots’ Petal shop. The kind fairy bought me ten dandelion petals, and led me back to the poppy field. I enjoyed the Snail-sprint Championships for a while, and suddenly, I found myself, in my bedroom lying on my bed confused.
    “I must have been dreaming.” I thought.

  2. Ksenia says:

    The snail race

    Behind the three emerald hills there is an insect village, there you can find tiny animals living in huge mushrooms, chatting and working all day.
    Every Autumn to celebrate the harvest all the villagers get ready for a snail race.
    The main street is decorated for the long-awaited festival with golden leaves, rainbow coloured flowers and ripe juicy berries are put on the table.
    At last the most important day has come. Bugs put on their most pretty hats and blazers, butterflies wear their most favourite dresses that they sewed all year, ants slip into handsome shirts and dash off to the contest.
    Now everyone is here drinking delicious sweet nectar and waiting for the competition
    to begin. The crowd goes wild when the racers appear on stage, now the deafening applause gets louder and it is time to commence the race.
    Shouts of cheer fly into the sky and push the snails forward, they dart of.
    Who is going to win the race?..

  3. Once upon a time, there was a bunch of friends which were snails and they were all going to enter the snail race except one little Marcus because his mum said no he was to small still he was so sad he glided of to his room and cried the next day as the big race and he could still go so after his mum left for work he went of to fill in the form. When he got there his friends were standing there and said ” come to cheer us on” ” no” said little Marcus ”I’ve come to race” then they all looked at each other and cheered.it was time to race and off they went then suddenly Marcus mum appeared with such anger she shouted”MARCUS,” he stopped and looked saw his mum and carried on going his mum was furious now she was filled with so much anger. After the race ,which he lost, his mum shouted at him then all of a sudden Marcus shouted ”STOP TREATING ME LIKE A BABY BECAUSE I’M NOT ONE” his mum stopped looked at him an said sorry , she then said ”coming to he festival of life,” ” am I even allowed to come” asked Marcus ” yes” said his mum. so they went and had so much fun, and from that day forward he went to all the snail race.

  4. Tima says:

    The day finally came, it was the Snail Race, everything was so tense. “If I don’t make it, what if I don’t make it?” Then I noticed that the race starts at 8:30 am and it was already 8:25 am! I panicked like mad when I noticed that the race was only a four minute glide away so I didn’t worry any more. I was number seven in the race, my lucky number!
    When I finally got there there were crowds of snails waiting for the race to begin. Then the head snail of all the land came, he was called Johnson Smith. I heard whispers all around me, most of them like ” I can’t believe it, it’s Johnson Smith!” and “Look over there it’s the king of the snails!” Then he lifted up his fake gun and exclaimed “Let the race begin! 3, 2, 1… GO!
    I ran off straight behind everyone, but I knew that then I will be able to catch up with everyone on the last lap. Several people cheered around me and I took the courage they gave me. It was a twenty-six metre race (actually it’s quite a long way for us snails because racing snails only go at about twelve metres per hour), I knew that it was going to be hard but I knew that I could do it.
    “Who is to win???” I thought.
    Only time knows the answer.

  5. Denzel says:

    The Snail Race

    There was a snail race today, it was the finals. All the snails that were in the finals had to go against the champion, Bruce. Bruce was the biggest of all of the snails, the fastest and he was muscular. We all had to get numbers written on our shells so that other spectating snails could recognise us. My number was 9 and Bruce’s number was 1. We got in our positions and then the commentator said “3, 2, 1…” and then a bullet was shot in the air with a pistol which mean’t GO. Bruce was in the lead and I was right behind him. I seemed to be zigzagging as Bruce will not let me go in front. We were 30 centimeter away from the finish line and Bruce was still in the lead. When we were 5 centimeter away I used my turbo boost and 2 seconds later I found out that I won. Bruce looked vexed but he still shook my hand. When he was leaving, his face looked glum so I offered to give him the cup, but he said that I deserved it.

  6. Denzel says:

    The Snail Race

    There was a snail race today, it was the finals. All the snails that were in the finals had to go against the champion Bruce. Bruce was the biggest of all of the snails, the fastest and he was muscular. We all had to get numbers written on our shells so that other spectating snails could recognise us. My number was 9 and Bruce’s number was 1. We got in our positions and then the commentator said “3, 2, 1…” and then a bullet was shot in the air with a pistol which meant GO. Bruce was in the lead and I was right behind him. I seemed to be zigzagging as Bruce will not let me go in front. We were 30 centimeter away from the finish line and Bruce was still in the lead. When we were 5 centimeter away I used my turbo boost and 2 seconds later I found out that I won. Bruce looked vexed but he still shook my hand. When he was leaving, his face looked glum so I offered to give him the cup, but he said that I deserved it.

  7. Tami says:

    The tragic snail race

    Hidden behind three emerald trees are insects’ villages, there you can find miniature insects living in tiny toadstools. Everyone in each village has to be extremely careful because the big people (which are us humans) normally crush, mush and stomp on the insects. They have to be extra careful today because it is the International Snail Race and that is when the snails need to slide out of their homes and start the snail race outside.
    The day of the snail race
    “Round up, round up everybody, the snail race is just getting started!” exclaimed the announcer (who is an ant) mirthfully. All the snails were in place. Number 1 was the kind one and the very upbeat one, she was nothing like number 2, who was the main bragger and boaster. Next to him was number 6, who was a very friendly fellow, but always cheats. Finally we have come to number 8, which was the nicest of them all. He was a flawless person (if we weren’t talking about snail racing). Everyone got in line and was feeling pumped to get started. BANG! The flare gun fired and all snails started to move forward. Number 2 was in the led at the moment and number 6 wasn’t happy about it at all, so she dropped her head down on the floor and pushed it forward so her whole body could move forward as well. As she did it, a big shadow encountered her…SQAUSH! A big person had stomped on her and killed her. No one thought snails would be so competitive but now that they have seen that, they would be feeling mixed emotions! Later in the day, while the snail race was still going on, the village was invaded by big people and as a result, they stepped on the insects’ houses and killed the people who lived in it. Eventually, all of the insects in that area got killed, except for the rest of the snails who were doing the race. All, of them decided to stop the race because the big people killed their families so they sacrificed their life for their families’ death, so for stopping, they got killed by the big people. As a result, all the insects’ got killed.

  8. Zach Baldwin says:

    Snail race
    One burning summer afternoon, the king snail declared the annual 100 metre snail race that takes place every summer. The king snail said all the fastest snails are going to race in a few hours. Later that day snails were placing their bets of leaves, to see who would win.
    All of the fastest snails were lined up on the starting line, a line a few seconds later the countdown begun the people who hadn’t bought the tickets had to stay home and watch it on television and if they didn’t have a TV they couldn’t watch it.
    The race has started with snail number 8 in last place the people who bet on number 8 dreams were shattered. A few hours later number 2 was coming up in first place.
    4 hours later number 2 was 10cm way from the finish line suddenly snail number 8 came out of nowhere and took the lead and won the match.

  9. Abigail Stevens says:

    Snail race
    Once upon a time in a city called Mushton there lived a snail and his name was Ben. He was sliding along the path when he saw a sign, it said ‘snail race, Saturday morning 9am at Mushton park’. It was Friday afternoon and Ben said to himself, I can do the race!
    So he rang his snail friends and asked them if they would like to watch the race.
    The next morning, Ben got dressed and went to the park. He was given race number 2 and he waited at the start line. Then the race began and Ben was last but just at the last minute, Ben speeded up and got ahead of all the other snails and won the race. He was the champion!

  10. Zayd says:

    The Snail Race of DOOM!
    A long time ago, set in the twentieth century, there was a spectacular snail village. And in that village, a snail race was going to happen in 1900 to celebrate the twentieth century, but then it was moved to 1942. Forty-two years later, the 67-mile marathon was about to start. Crowds of snails gathered to watch the marathon, and the racers’ parents got the highest seats! There were three snails:
    Number 1 was a speedy and unconcentrated snail. He never concentrated on the track; he always bragged about how fast he was. He thought that no-one can beat him!
    Number 2 was an extremely slow snail, but very wise and concentrated snail. Whenever Number 1 said he would definitely win, he said to him:
    “Remember: Even if your the fastest, you don’t always win races. There are extremely difficult obstacles and rivers with furious waves”
    Number 3 was a kind and gentle snail. He was the 2nd slowest and he wasn’t that much concentrated. He also cheated a huge number of times.
    The volunteer set off the flare and he said: “Three, Two, One, GO!”
    No. 1 was already in 1st place while Number Two was 3rd. Soon after, they came to a river where they had to jump on the logs before they got crushed by the waves. 1 jumped on the logs, but he was swept away by the logs. 2 was then in the lead. Suddenly, the track was blown by three jets. Army men took over the town and everyone in the town died. The racers’ parents died and the three racers sacrificed themselves to the jets. They died. The end.

  11. Sophie H-E says:


    Every year, there is an exciting slimy snail race where eight snails all line up and race each other.

    All eight snails lined up at the extremely small starting line, 3,2,1… GO! Number eight, which is at the back, is as slow as a tortoise. After a while, the snail at the back is so far behind that it started to cry like a baby. The snail at the front was so fast like a racing car that its shell fell off. He is now a slug! Number two is at the start of the race. All of the snails were starting to approach the tiny finish line. Number two won the race and was given a wonderful, gold, shinny medal.

    That is the end of this years wonderful snail race.


  12. Lakshmi V says:

    Snail Victory

    It was a warm summers day in July. The leaves danced merrily in the gentle breeze and the birds sang . Even the sun was swaying in beat with the chirping. The children were skipping and jumping gleefully. But beyond all of this lay a tiny village of snails.
    Lots of snails were gliding across the grass leaving a glittering trail of slime. This means it was nearly time for the race of Snail Victory. A race of courage it will be to cross the river, crawl through the mud and pass the feet of humans! Who will win the cup of bravery?
    Then a roar of cheering and clapping arose and enveloped our competers. The ball was thrown in the air as the snails ran(sluggishly ran), for their lives. To be honest it was a very short race. Anyway, many snails don’t survive this race, they normally end up in heaven! The race went on and the snails were at the same stage. Snail 1 was leading, oh then 3 then 8 then 6!!! It was db never going to be cLear who would win. But sadly they all got squashed. Only Snails 5,2,4 and 7 were left with 4 at the back. She was very upset by the other snails and leaped into the air passing the other snails and landing on the finish line. Ever since then she always said ” If you have the will to do some thing you can do it.”

  13. Maia Hattrell says:

    “Today is the day ,The Snail Cup FINAL! ” said the commentator loudly
    Taking place in the Olympic Stadium, ” Everyone is here except the racers!” ,”1..2.., hold on there is supposed to be 3 where is the other one,” ,”Sorry dad I cant hear because there is a gargantuan amount of noise in here.” take your marks , get set………..,”STOP!!!!!” said dad ,”what did you do that for dad” ” Do what son?”

  14. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    The tragic snail race

    Marcus gulped nervously. It was the night before an event quite famous in insect history, the SNAIL RACE! He was going to take part not in the semi or quarter finals, but the FINALS! The next morning wasn’t normal. Marcus felt the usual hope swimming away, and fear replacing it, lashing to and fro, as if it were a lethal tyrant. His mother, Mia, was slightly different too, she was fussing over Marcus and when she’d finished she kept cooing over him, making textures to him.
    As time wore on, Marcus arrived at the race. There were other snails, with big muscles, while Marcus was soft and tender. Not only that, the world championship’s most successful snail was also competing, Brute! Brute was a wonder to look at,he had bulging muscles and pearl white teeth and, moreover, was enormous. The champion snails were numbered, Brute was one, and Marcus, two. Suddenly, a piston bang went off, to mark the start of the well known race. Brute was first, and Marcus was at the end. Brute, after a while, had stopped to a halt and turned to see behind him, no snail was in sight. He knew that if he rested, it wouldn’t matter if a snail passed him, because he could sprint past them anyway. So, Brute fell into a relaxing sleep. Meanwhile, Marcus had passed the other snails and had come across Brute sleeping. This is my chance, thought Marcus, and sprinted across the finishing flag. He was half a metre away from the flag when Brute had awoken, to find Marcus a few centimetres away from the finish. He ran as fast as he could, but was too late, Marcus had reached there, and therefore had won the world championship race. Brute looked vexed but was still proud of Marcus, who was now the top running snail in mankind. We always wonder, can anyone beat him, or can they do better…

  15. Harley Taylor says:

    The Snail Race

    It was that time of year when there was no excitement and everyone who lives at the bottom of the garden of 74 Golden Brooks had fell under the same feeling, being bored. However in this village of small creatures there was a adult snail who was the odd one out because of his mad ways but this madness was perfect because he had an occasional crazy but brilliant idea ” How about we have a race!” he exclaimed ”And every year we switch between each creature like a cycle .”
    So the word spread, rumours where told, and so it was settled; the snails were first. Everyone was getting prepared, bright multicoloured bunting was hung and the finish line was hung.
    Racers trembled with anticipation in bed pondering, who was going to win?
    The golden sun slowly rises on the horizon early in the morning crowds start to form as the racers approach the starting looking extra slimy from being so nervous.
    The race is about to start for sure we are going to be seeing some nerve racking competitors,
    The race had begun number 5 is encountering the finish line until aguish of wind speeded past …
    Who won???????

  16. Ade Thompson says:

    The Snail Race Finals by Ade Thompson
    At last it was the Finals I had gone through from the first to the fifth round and I’m going to win. Right now I’m with my colleges preparing for the Finals I was only 5 when I dreamed of this moment all these years have gone by and I’m finally here. My Parents have said that I should have been a business snail but look where I am now its extraordinary I’m I the FINALS.
    Parents: Son you have come all this way but don’t you still want to be a business snail.
    Me: No Mum and Dad I want to be a celebrity.
    Parents: Ok have fun don’t hurt yourself we all have faith in you.
    Alfred: Faith HAHAHAHAHA yeah sure we all have faith in you loser.
    Me: Oh my god Alfred why are you here still I beat you in the first round.
    Alfred: Not yet loser there was another round if you lost taking you to the Finals.
    Me: Well see you in the Finals then.
    Alfred: Yeah see you lose in the Finals loser.
    Parents: Are you sure your going to be ok.
    Me: Yeah nothing to worry about.
    Soon after that, there was the Final round starting “On your mark get set Go!” said the Referee
    It started of in a flash I was 2nd with Alfred in front I was trying my best until Alfred fell over giving me the title of 1st place but something felt wrong, so I turned back and helped Alfred together we were a flash of lightning and we both won 1st place Alfred soon realised team work is Magic.

  17. Melisa says:

    I was reading a book at the foot of a hill when a weird event happened. As I lay down on the lush green grass, I heard a strange squelching noise.SQUELCH! It was continuous and it started to get on my nerves, so I stormed over to where the annoying sound came from like a raging bull prepared to rip someone apart.When I reached the area,I yelled”Shut u…!” You would not believe what I saw! There were three snails behind a white line and were looking directly at another purple line ahead.Shockingly,there were thousands of other snails screaming and cheering for one of the three snails in the middle.It looked like they were having a race!’This is stupid,’I thought ,’snails are slow.How are they going to race?’ Then all of a sudden, a snail with a black and white shell with a whistle around its neck stepped forward. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought to myself and the black-and-white-shelled snail said,”On your marks,get set,GO!”(Do not ask how I knew that).The snail with the whistle blew his whistle and I had a feeling the three snails were deaf because they didn’t move ,although you could see they were really straining themselves to do it.Since then,I visited the same place every day and no one won until my twentieth birthday.

  18. Raizel says:

    The Snail Race

    Dad was at work and mum was sick in the hospital. Yes I was home alone, well not technically, I had my old fat baby sitter taking care of me, but luckily for me she was asleep. Before my father had left he had do told me to do all my chores and homework, of course I did my homework first to get that out of the way because I needed to hand it in the next day. The strange thing is when I was drying all the clothes on the washing line outside I had dropped a pair of socks and to pick it up, but to my surprise I saw a dozen snails on wheels. To me it looked like they were having a S-N-A-I-L R-A-C-E! I was surprisingly correct, there was a snail with black and white stripes on its shell and the smallest whistle ever, I was pretty sure that was the referee. It was the most craziest things I had ever seen (in a few years). The tiny referee blew his tiny whistle and the race had begun. These snails were all determined to win but the crazy thing is, that these snail were going turbo fast. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Few I was dreaming. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO I WASN’T!

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