Task 84
10th January 2015
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10th January 2015


  1. Shrey Biswas says:

    A goblin and his son gazed out at the mass destruction that the goblin army had done. They had climbed the building, ruthlessly slaughtering all who got in their way, before those who didn’t. A single white dragon was fighting against the hordes, but it was giving way slowly; they could see the flashes of red. But it was doing well. Thousands lay strewn across the ground, dead, and some had been completely vaporised by its breath. The father thought it could do a lot better if it wasn’t for the huge iron harnesses weighing down its wings, and the huge iron collar restricting the fire. It valiantly tried to defend the building that was now stripped of anything that made it special, until it was a maze of bars. Slowly it began to topple creaking all the time. Floods of goblins flew out in panic, one clutching something that looked like a square with glass on it, but he dropped it and it shattered. At the same time, the dragon’s collar and harnesses fell off its wings, crushing more goblins. The dragon shook itself and gave a great roar. Some of the army screamed. But it was a roar of joy. The dragon took off, and flew towards the building. It roared as it flew under it. Father and son closed their eyes, waiting for the roar of pain. But it never came. The dragon slowly lifted the building back up, before collapsing with the exhaustion, and breathed its last.


    Our species are very well-known for we have been triumphant so far in taking over the sixteen galaxies which were in our reach. Only one planet remained. There was destruction and chaos beginning in the milky way and as we neared the pity, little Earth, we felt as proud as peacocks. Our technologically advanced space ship prepared to land. Armies of Zitrons, my species, were ready to go out to battle…

  3. Ayush says:

    A Heavy armoured suit which covered the enormous and unimaginable goblin that no one could ever say his name… Gundahar the evil and cruel leader of all his minions. Gundahar was a terrible disaster to meet. All his minions always bowed down to him as if he was an emperor. One day Gundahar strode down with his tiny and intelligent son called Gundar until a strange thought appeared in Gundars head. his father asked Gundar to strike his sword against a needy dragon and Gundar knew it was absolutely cruel.As they trotted closer to see lots of dead soldiers of goblins surrounded them.Gundahar took a blade of blood inside one cunning goblin and shown him proof that Gundar should be with goblins and not against them.Gundar listened carefully listened and was very joyful that evil goblins lost against the heroes which were humans.Gundar didn’t trust his mean father who was a killer! Gundar had an excellent plan of leaving his father the only evil goblin who was going to be a last leader.
    At last Gundar was against the cruel and mean goblins and was with the ultimate hero of all time…. Knack (the k is silent)

  4. Nandan says:

    As the spiky-armoured , disasterous goblin strolled through the wretched mountains, yellow sand flew through ubiquitous air blinding the perplexed goblin’s son. The grey ,monumental ,towering skyscraper collapsed as if it was daised and had fainted by seeing the goblin.The ferocious dragon roared as deafening as 10000 dinosaurs roars clashed together. Merciless goblin soldiers took out their blood-stained swords out of their rival , hostile unallies.The skyscraper broke into a stupendous roar joined with humangous steps of the wicked goblin. Trees got uprooted out of the moist, sugar-like sand. The dragon’s dagger-like teeth was as sharp as a knife. The evil goblin cheered at the mass destruction the goblin army had done while the gullible child glared at his bad – deeded father with unstoppable rage.

  5. Ishaan says:

    Thousands of millions of hoplites were in the Zupria army but despite their victor over the devastated Pratap soldiers (who were all eliminated but one), the cost was not so little as only the mightiest 250 had endured. As the potent hoplites marched down the path, singing songs of remorse, like a mother and son were parted for life, in remembrance of the brave deceased Zonker Klethan, who despite being a bulletproof robot, had been murdered brutally and stabbed by a knife while he was asleep in his hostile trench. Trumpets were being played but the war was not over yet as a threat was following the oblivious sound……

    From the forest, a ruthless, murderous dragon, who had murder written all over him glided towards the unsuspecting Zupria army. One swipe of his spiked tail, which was like an Ankylosaurus, could demolish an entire army; a flap of his wings, which were chainsaws could crush an entire army and one breath of his contagious fire could burn down a whole village. This dragon had quite a taste for human meat so dived down to the hoplites and commenced the attack. First, the dodgy dragon utilised his savage wings to crush the helpless army. Now only 250 were living. Helplessly, they tried to stab the gargantuan beast with the lethal epees and some even blinded the violent creature with their muskets but it came to no avail as now only 100 were alive. But now, the dragon, whose eyes were dripping like lava was incapacitated as he fell to the ground with a THUD!

  6. Siddharth says:

    Good Deeds Give You Respect

    The hero stood on a tall rock and looked at all the people bowing before him for capturing the monster. This tale of the monster was spreading like quick-fire and before anything could be done, the best heroes in all the land were flocking to the puny village and fighting over each other to claim the best spot to catch the monster. Nearly all the heroes set camp at the farms, keeping quiet so that they could hear the monster, but it was too clever. It already knew that the heroes were at the farm, so it flew straight to the village. But it didn’t know was that one hero stayed behind, the saviour of the village. He was clad in a black cloak, concealing his sword and porcupine armour. This armour was the last of its kind and made so that the warrior could curl in a ball to protect himself from any harm. The warrior knew that the monster wouldn’t attack the farms that night. Suddenly, there was an almighty roar from the skies and the villagers gasped in horror as the moon moved and blinked. The monster was there all along! All at once, the villagers heard the ripping of a cloak and turned to see the hero standing on top of one of the buildings, his porcupine armour flashing under the stars. The monster scoffed at the warrior and dived down at him, fire engulfing him. But it was only a decoy! The hero came out from bend a building and attacked the monster with the element of surprise. With the speed of the wind, the warrior ran along its back and slashed it along the eye. “Now”, the warrior shouted, and his soldiers lined the monster with ropes and brought it down. At this, the villagers cheered, and the warrior was praised forever as a hero.

    The End

  7. Zaid Ahmed Baig says:

    I stood next to my valiant father and we watched the rest of the zombie army fight our guardian: Peleus, the guardian of Planet Earth. I wanted to join the fight but my dad drew me aside and said:
    “My son, fight with the humans only when I am dead.” With that he charged, bellowing his battle cry.
    My father slashed and hacked his way through the remaining zombies as Peleus reared his claws and stamped on about 21 zombies. When my father got to Peleus he slashed his honed sword and freed the chained Peleus. Peleus gave a triumphant roar of joy and headed straight for me. At the same time one of the zombies shoved an axe straight into my father’s chest and I knew he was dead. Anger flared inside me as I took out my weapons: the Sword of the Sea and the Staff of the Sky and I leaped onto Peleus. Together, we flew into battle. I shot lightning bolts with the Staff and slaughtered the zombies with the Sword as I cut down my enemies, avenging my father. Suddenly several missiles from behind the cave erupted into the air and headed straight at the Earth’s ground. Peleus shot into the sky as the missiles below me exploded…

  8. Maia Hattrell says:

    The Dragon

    The dragon was fierce, nasty and terrifying and his skin was rough when you touched it. This is why no-one visited him. The dragon was particularly morose about this but on the 4th July something happened … he got a visitor. This visitor was wearing shiny, smart and clean clothes. He looked like a knight (because he was one). The dragon was petrified on him (this was strange for a dragon).

    When the dragon opened his gargantuan wings the knight could see all of the scars the dragon had got from his previous battles. He breathed out a ball of fire that was so hot and so bright the knight felt like he was close the sun. Then the dragon roared so loud that the very ground that the knight stood on shook. In fact the ground shook so much that the knight lost his balance and then fell over into a crinkly mess. The dragon stepped forward slightly and leant over to inspect word the raiment of his captured victim. The knight rose strongly to his feet and also stepped forward. They were so close they almost touched noses. The knight whispered quietly to the dragon, “Hello, nice to meet you.” The dragon was confused because someone was saying hello to him. The dragon replied in a squeaky voice, “Hello, nice to meet you too.” The dragon had a smile on his face now because he hoped he now had friend and would not be lonely ever again. The knight invited the dragon to have tea together. The dragon now had a friend forever.

  9. Sophie H-E says:

    The Dragon

    It was one dark, cloudy Sunday afternoon when I went to get a photo of a terror-stricken, dangerous dragon. Suddenly, lightening struck, the thunder roared like an African wildcat, the clouds went dark and covered the whole sky. I was shaking like jelly. The gigantic trees tiptoed towards me. The huge trees are monsters. I was confused, I didn’t know what was happening. It was then I heard an ear-splitting growl. I turned around as slowly as I could. It was the horrifying dragon. Its fire was as red as a kings cloak. The wings had all sorts of holes in. It was taller than a sky scraper. I was so scared that I decided to get my sharp sword out and throw it in the horrific monsters heart….

    A few seconds later, it was dead. The monster was flat on the ground, while I ran away as fast as I could!

  10. Aran says:

    The Knight And The Dragon!
    In the land of Mapeltan there lived a young boy who was as brave as a knight! This boy had something strange about him. He adored dangerous dragons whom had teeth which were sharp knives! What is more, he was asked to fight in a duel against the five hundred year old dragon who roams around the forest! When the young boy went to battle, his shiny, super sword was saying to him “Don’t do it!” Don’t do it!” Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting bang! A hunter had killed the dragon…

  11. Sophie H-E says:

    The Dragon

    It was one dark cloudy afternoon when I crept out to sneakily take a photo of an terror-stricken, dangerous dragon.
    Suddenly, lightening struck, the thunder roared like an African Wiled cat, the clouds went dark and covered the whole sky in a blanket. Fearfully, I was shaking like jelly!! The gigantic trees tiptoed towards me, they were intimidating monsters. I was confused, I didn’t know what was happening. It was then I heard an ear-splitting growl so, I turned around as slowly as I could. It was the horrifying dragon, breathing fire that was as red as a kings cloak. The wings had all sorts of holes in and it taller than a sky scraper. I was so scared that I decided to get my sharp sword out, and throw it in the horrific monsters heart….

    A few seconds later… it was dead. The monster was flat carpeting the ground while I ran away as far as I could.

  12. aaron juhti says:

    There he was, with his shiny sliver sword battling the ferocious beast. The warrior had all his men around the reptile who was as deadly as a poisonous python. The mist behind them were moving in mysterious ways. The dragon’s claws were a serpents tooth. The warrior, just with one hit slaughtered the animal and his head was splattered on the floor.

  13. Jada Richards says:

    ROAR! All the whole army froze nobody made a sound. A brave muscular soldier stepped out. He was the toughest of thousands of soldiers. His name was Ammiel. He lifted his sword,soon an overwhelming wind reached over the entire army. Ammiel’s long black hair beated around his face. When the wind died down he barked “where is my opponent?” Suddenly a beastly dragon appeared out of nowhere. Another soldier stepped out and quickly screamed “ready… set… fight!” The dragon gave his first strike he breathed and a raging fire ran out heading strait for Ammiel. He blocked it with his fire proof sword; wich sent the fire ball straight back to the dragon. WHAM! It hit the dragon as he roared and collapsed to the ground. It took it’s last breath and perished. Unexpectedly the sky turned from grey to pure white. An angel came down with a crown and placed it on Ammiel head. He vanished.

  14. Aaron juhti says:

    It was hard but it had to be done. The spikes that were situated on the beasts back were as sharp as razors. My warriors encompassed the monumentous reptile. It was down to me to slaughter it. It’s roaring breath was acid on my face and his eyes were red ovals. My eyes lit a chilling blue flame, for there was no hope. My sabre tooth shaped sword was wriggling out of my hands, trying to escape the dragon. Without warning, the scaley tail tripped me up, the dragons jet black and scarlet wings stopped me up and threw me in the misty air. And just then, the moment the fangs, as sharp as machete touched my neck, my whole life flashed before my eyes. I was DEAD!!!

  15. Diya Jena says:

    The army stood still in the middle of the field, waiting. The sky had gone grey. Another minute went by, but to the army it felt like hours. Then, a loud roar shook the sky and the ground. The soldiers started to tremble; they hadn’t expected anything like this to happen. A large dragon loomed into sight. The dragon flew above the soldiers who were watching it with large eyes. The King stepped out. He had his long, shiny sword in one of his hands, ready to fight. The dragon beat its large, red wings which had holes in it from previous battles. It finally landed on the dead grass in front of the King, standing tall and proud. The King raised his sword. With one large slash of it, the dragon’s beastly head fell and rolled onto the grass, splattering blood everywhere. The soldiers cheered at their King as the body of the dragon fell to the ground.

  16. Ammiel Richards says:

    Ammiel Richards

    It was a dark and misty day all of my soldiers were here. There was 1000 soldiers ready to fight a beastly dragon. When it came it was as big as a house, every single soldier got really shocked and ran ecept one. when that soldier stepped foward the dragon breathed heavily and was laughing like a goat. The dragon still laughed but the soldier hit the dragom with his sword and the dragon died.

  17. Ashlee says:

    The Wind Chomper

    Wind Chomper soared through the azure sky beating his griffin wings in huge deep strokes. The dragon focused his crimson, bloodshot eyes on the vibrant ground beneath him and knew he was closer to the rocky arid mountain that he called home. Aggressively, he smiled fiercely displaying dirty, disgusting, wicked fangs. As he flew, he suddenly swooped, talons extended with a mighty, shriek yelp, as he swished a lone animal, his unknowing dinner. With a mighty grip he clutched the poor animal with his razor sharp claws and ascended into the bright, sapphire sky as other terrified animals darted for safe cover.

  18. BS says:

    The beast was stationary and poised for combat, his huge hulk of a scaly, green body casually moved up and down with each furious breath like someone on a trampoline. Glaring crimson, bloodshot eyes stared down and it’s wide cave-like nostrils flared. The spikes on his back stood like mountains, waiting to be climbed. The argon was intimidating for even the most intrepid warrior to face.

    Without warning, gargantuan explosions of flames shot wildly in all directions. The vast inferno hid the monster that now was a volcano. As it began to lurch forward, the ground trembled scaredly.

    Suddenly, the dragon reared upon it two huge hing legs. It’s savage claws that were daggers sliced easily through the thick, smokey air.” RRRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!” yelled the dragon loudly. The dragon now felt ravenous and was desperate for the taste of new meat. Opening is gigantic, blood-covered jaws, the dragon revealed row upon row of sword sharp teeth.

  19. Riya Jena says:

    ‘Look!’ cried a knight clad in silver. He pointed his finger up at the most vicious animal. Its torn wings from previous battles was beating furiously. Everyone ceased to a halt. Staring up at the dragon, a girl with red hair who was also clad in silver walked forwards into the clearing made by the knights below the dragon. She held her spear aloft, pointed at the beast above her. The other knights glared in astonishment. How could she have entered the army? Without warning, the dragon opened its wide mouth, showing rows of dagger-like teeth, ready to spit fire at any moment. The girl covered her head with her shield, thinking about what her fate would bring…

  20. Maia Hattrell says:

    There he was standing right in front of me with his big scaly wings wide open like supermarket doors. I have never ever some thing so petrifying in my life. My were rotted to the ground, the dirty dragon stared at me viciously. The dragon which was a bush of hollies. It was pretty ugly so I tried not to look at it. All of a sudden the scaly dragon bolted out a whole tower block of fire all around me. The dragon took a slight step forward to inspect me ,once he had done that he bolted some more fire at me ( I guess in dragon language that was how to say hello). I was still a bit perturbed because at that point I didn’t know what he was saying . BANG some one was trying to shoot the dragon….

  21. Harley Taylor says:

    The Guard of Sicha

    The solitary scaly beast towers higher than any mighty oak, its wings span wider than my home settlement, he delights in slaughtering innocent souls, with its razor sharp claws and ruthless aggression. It lives in the depths of a cave which is as black as a starless night sky. A single scorching flame can reduce anything and anyone to a crisp. The dragon guards Mount Sicha, which is exactly where is need to go.

  22. Riya Jena says:

    The colossal monstrosity, its wingspan being about fifty metres, beat its bat-like wings, causing strong gales. The dragon was riddled with scars and cuts, but the mighty monster didn’t seem to notice. Its teeth and claws were sharper than the subtlest knife, and the skin was tougher than the most resilient leather. Spikes ran down his back, all the way to his tail that could have swept away thousands of people with one swish. It red, piercing eyes that roved around, searching for its next unfortunate victim. Beams of fire shot down from the mouth of the dragon, while the goblin soldiers made a massive space for it to land. After all, anyone, even those with millions of medals of honour and bravery, would have been horror-stricken by just the sight of the beast.

  23. Matthew says:

    “ATTACK!” screamed the knight as he and his army charged ruthlessly towards the enormous, terrifying and monstrous beast. Beating its wings in the process, the dragon slowly raised itself into the air and suddenly, it casted a great shower of fiery, crimson flames upon the battlefield. CRACKLE!

    To him, the humans were just little pawns on a chessboard, and they were as fragile as a delicate piece of pottery. Soaring above in the dark, misty sky, he swooped down at the soldiers, who all fled in terror. “RETREAT!” they shouted frantically as they sprinted off as quickly as they could into the distance…

  24. Melisa says:

    ROAR!What was that,I thought.The ground started to tremble,the sky started to weep and the soldiers started to panic like it was the end of the world.Then all of a sudden, a large winged creature landed on the ground.’Twas a dragon, a fierce mighty dragon who killed our ancestors mercilessly. I stepped forward and the huge beast shot fire all around us so we were trapped.The trees were innocent humans being burnt to death and the dragon cackled heartlessly.It’s battered wings gave a flap and it rose approximately seventy-two feet and opened its wide mouth revealing jagged sharp teeth and I could just about see a ball of fire form in it.It was shooting down on my army and I.This is it,I thought…

  25. Chindan says:

    Among the smallest and least intelligent of dragonkind, Frost Dragons are merely feral predators. The snowy faces of these wintery beasts show more ferocity rather than the slyness of their more powerful ancestors. The Frost Dragon has large, plated scales in various pale shades and prefers cold, icy climates.Frost Dragons are so named for their “frosted glass” appearance. Colouring varies from dragon to dragon, mostly in pale shades of blue, lavender, and silvery-white. Other colours can occur, such as a light icy green or shimmering pale pink, but the brown or black scale colouring of Horned Dragons is never found on these northern predators.The glass-like look is a characteristic of this species, as are the patterns on their backs – a trait they share with their snake relatives. These patterns are distinctive to each dragon, making each one unique and recognizable, should a human observer want to get that close.The long, agile bodies of Frost Dragons represent a very elegant snake-like form of dragonkind. Their enormous wings look like fragile sheets of ice, but in truth are strong, hard wings with which male Frost Dragons can propel themselves through the air with speed and agility. Female Frost Dragons do very little, if any, flying. Instead, they conserve their skill and energy for simple Ice Magic, which male Frost Dragons are incapable of using.No one was ready to fight this Brutal beast except one person, and that was me…

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