Task 87
10th January 2015
Task 89
10th January 2015


  1. Adam Hickey says:

    The Windfarms
    Massive iron structures go round and round, as slow as a tortoise. Distances full of pale mist and frosted grass, as white as a ghost. Birds circumvent the spinning objects, wondering what they are. The windfarms are planted in the damp dirt. Wispy clouds drift across the dull sky leisurely. Three long propellers jut out of the main body, like a giraffe’s narrow neck.
    Stolid cows wander around chewing tufts of grass. Noble horses gallop around neighing boisterously and frisky lambs bleat shyly, while eating grass as well. Gentle larks soar in the sky, whilst looking down at the wonderful windfarms. Timid rabbits leap around squealing and searching, like a detective.

  2. Tomi says:

    Dear Diary,
    The house is as jet black as the ominous sky outside. Nothing can be heard except faint deathly screams. You could hear a mouse scuttling across the somber room. As soon as I realised there was a power cut, my heart sank. I wasn’t going to be able to finish watching my all time favourite movie; Pixels – on Tv until the power came back on. However, with the deafening thunderstorm outside I am definitely positive that I won’t be watching anything for at least 2 weeks. This was one of the worst times to have a power-cut.

    Here I am now, huddled with my perturbed family for warmth and being bored to death. We were like penguins all alone in an fiery snowstorm with hail falling all around us as rain was getting through the lightly protected roof. I’m as distraught as when other people feel low spirited, I feel the sadness devouring me whole.

  3. Lana says:

    It was a hot evening, in the summer, and our road trip was just beginning. Exhausted, I peered out of my seat. The warm leather ripped off my back, like sellotape ripping off someones skin. The sky was a clear blue, with stunning streaks of orange. An aeroplane soared through the sky. It was a tiny dot, loitering in the breeze. BEEP! Car horns exploded into the distance like guns. Suddenly, we passed some wind turbines. They were tall skyscrapers without any windows. The strong wind became a forceful hand, pushing the propellers round and round. In amazement, I pushed my hand against the car window. SCREECH! Our car pulled up into the driveway. Almost immediately, I sat up straight, like a ruler, and opened the door. We had arrived back home.

  4. Riya Jena says:

    Against the orangey-blue sky, the infinite number of windmills which touched the sky with their three long, extended arms, were jet-black silhouettes. As the sun rose slowly from the horizon, the deep blue seeped into the orange, making the sky look colourful and somewhat lively. An odd cloud, here and there, that looked like strands of blue candyfloss, drifted across the sky slowly, as if taking up the view from above. The windmills’ arms kept rotating, with the help of the invisible wind that danced across the surface of the earth, oblivion to everyone’s eyes. Around the windmills, no life was seen, except, of course, the grass that carpeted the hard ground.

  5. Melisa says:

    Half of the vast sky was the beautiful blue sea,on a calm day,and the other half was a bright neon orange. The dark silhouettes of the clouds looked like cotton candy and the pearlescent white wind-turbines were cartwheeling.I walked along the side of the road in my hoodie and jeans looking up at the elegant sight enjoying every moment of it.VROOM!The cars sped along the busy road on the way home from work and the distant trees swayed side to side in the gentle wind.This amazing view was a sight that you could never forget.

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