Task 91
12th January 2015
Task 93
12th January 2015


  1. Tima says:

    “Henry! You’re going to be late for school!” Today we were going to have a show in school, but no one told us what it was going to be about. I was so excited that I thought I was going to explode. Everyone got to school like fifteen minutes early because we had the show like right in the morning. Wherever I went everyone was talking only about the “exciting” show; of course, no one knew if it was going to be exciting or not but everyone was still excited. It seemed like ages before we got inside even though it was only about fifteen minutes. “Good morning everyone!” called out the head of the year: Mrs Jackson.
    As soon as the door into school opened literally everyone dashed into school, trying to get in class first. I was like the fifth to get into class so I was quite fast. Usually, once people got in class they would read a book or to a task, but today everyone was jumping around in class and chatting only about the “unknown” show. Everyone just stopped talking when Mrs Jackson came into the classroom. At that point everyone darted to their seat and pretended to read their books. Everyone did this so quickly that Mrs Jackson didn’t even notice that we were out of our seats. Then she said “As you all know, we’ve got a special show today, should I tell you what it’s going to be about?” We all chanted “YES!!!” straight away. She told us that it was going to be all about puppets and what they were going to be like. Once everyone in the school got into the hall the show started. It was hilarious! There were clowns and everything, soon people were laughing their heads off. It carried on till the end of school and everyone went home happily. Now that was what you call funny.

  2. Adam Hickey says:

    The Puppets
    Metal, stringed puppets talk loquaciously at the crowded show. Peach mouths open like gloomy, endless caves. Laughter reverberates repeatedly, as the artificial objects rapidly talk. Colourful costumes of the puppets attract passers-by. Everyone is enthralled! Red, black, grey, blonde and brown hair swishes as gracefully and peacefully as a dove. The giddy puppets leap up and down and entertain the mesmerised audience, until the end.

  3. Kian says:

    “Come on Ben, wake up. We are going to the school show!” Yelled my wild mother. I did not know what she was talking about because my form teacher would have told me, and everyone else, if there were any events going on.” Mum, what time is it, i’m so sleepy,” I asked. “Its 7:30! I think your alarm has broke,” she replied in a hurried voice. I had no time to waste because school starts at 8:20, and our house is rather far away from school, so it would take quite a while to get there. I rushed my breakfast which ended up all over my body, that was cold like ice. After a minute or two of anger I went to pack my bag but i remembered as soon as I reached my unorganised desk that, the homework, that my english teacher gave me, wasn’t completed. Then I knew I was going to be in serious trouble. “Chop-chop Ben, how long does it take to get your bag ready? Its 7:45!” screamed my furious mum,who has had a terrible Monday morning. I was focusing on doing my work as quick as can, while mum yells at me at the top of her voice like a lion.

    Once I had done, I went to the toilet and put my book to side. “Bag, check. Homework, check. Breakfast … … … … …” I had a sudden pause, then I decided to say, “check.” After a total disaster with my homework, my fuming -red mum and my breakfast, I had finally put on my rugged shoes (which now looks like a sandal) on my crooked feet. “Come on you time-waster,” shouted my mum, “your sister is quicker than you.”

    I was then seventeen minutes late and was asked to give in my homework. I looked in my messy bag and saw nothing but my snack, scarf, gloves and my pencil case. I was shocked. I sweated as if I was on a safari trip on the way to a active volcano. Everyone was staring at me, so was Mr Humphreys (my teacher.) I explained why my work wasn’t here and I had a while in detention, rather than in my favourite play, Robin Hood.

  4. Melisa says:

    One amazing Autumn day,I went to a fair. It was as creepy as seeing someone die,well,almost as creepy as seeing someone die.There were clowns EVERYWHERE,and when I say everywhere,I mean everywhere.There were creepy puppet clowns,which were demented people smiling at me evily,people dressed up as creepy clowns and creepy clown sweets and cookies,shaped like clowns!”Ha!Ha!Ha!Hiya kiddo,you want a ballon?”That particular clown that offered me a balloon reminded me of Pennywise!I went so pale of fear ,that if you cut me with a knife,nothing would come out. The clown-shaped rocks gave me a nasty leer and I begged my mother so that we could go home but she insisted that we stay for a couple more hours.I was wondering,wondering if this was just a nightmare or a reality…

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