Task 92
12th January 2015
Task 94
12th January 2015


  1. Mason Rogers says:

    Brain Teaser Picture: Elephant And The Hang glider By Mason Rogers

    One cold day at the zoo an elephant escaped and people were worried. They searched and everybody helped even the military helped to find the elephant but nobody found it. They were worried and tired they were cold and hungry they were even thirsty and worn out but they would not give up!

    Some hours later they searched almost the whole city but the elephant no elephant found the only place left was the beach so they walked and walked and ran and drank and ate until they got there also they sat a lot too on the way. Finally they got there and by there amazement the elephant looked like it was holding on to the hang glider, they were easily fooled though because it was just stuck to it but then the secret was revealed. It was trying escaping it all along they were really confused…

  2. James Deacon says:

    Gliding through the air, was a colossal animal! He had terrible tusks, by his long,wrinkly trunk, what was sweeping in the air.
    Trapped! From the swoop of the trunk made a tangled up mess. The thought of his trunk in a tangle made him forget where he was going. There in front of his very eyes was a mountain.
    “Help help” he streamed.
    “That’s why elephants need to stay in the zoo, Dad” shouted the little boy.

  3. Elephant Scare!

    One warm, summers day, I went to Frinton-On-Sea. I was lying on the beach, when, just at that moment, an ELEPHANT, YES, AN ELEPHANT descended from the calm, sapphire sky! It was flying down ever so slowly, on a hand-glider! When it landed it made a splash in the sea and made it rage! The beach was then so crowded, it was as if the Queen was there!

    I think she was doing it for charity, don’t you?

    I have named her Sky because that’s where I saw her first (in the sky!) It was one of the most spectacular visions I’ve ever seen and I shall remember it for as long as I live.

  4. Ksenia says:

    On a warm island, in a green jungle,near to the murky pond there lived a cute young elephant, all alone. The rosy flamingoes that lived close by, called her Ellie, sometimes they played and chattered with the lonely animal. Ellie was quite curios and she had a dream, she wanted to fly, just like birds, because she always got bored just stomping around and eating grass all day.
    On one windy day Ellie trotted around the jungle, vines scooped into her face as she reached for a ripe banana. Juicy oranges gleamed like tiny suns. Suddenly Ellie heard voices, peculiar voices, after a few moments the
    youngster understood that these shouts belonged to people. She ran. Faster, faster until she saw giant wings with hoops attached to it at the edge of a cliff. The curios animal pushed herself through the rings to look down…
    SWOOP!!! The helpless elephant lost control and found herself flying! At first her heart raced as the wind blew into her flapping ears, her home seemed to be microscopic. She could see the murky pond, the tops of the tall trees, bushes of flowers… After a few long and exciting moments she got anxious. The frightened elephant waved her legs frantically but nothing happened. Minutes passed and Ellie could see that things below her got bigger. She felt like she was moving downwards, then a sigh of relief came tumbling down her body.
    The cliff was close and now Ellie jerked around. “Nearly there, nearly there”, she told herself. Suddenly she found that she was touching the ground! The elephant pounced off the hanger glider. “Phew!”, she thought with a tint of happiness.
    Now Ellie was back on firm ground safe and sound. After this adventure the young animal was never jealous of the birds and she found that her real home was here, on land!

  5. Emma C says:

    One hot, sunny day as I gazed dreamily out of the window I spotted an elephant soaring through the sky. I thought it was flying, but nothing was helping it to fly. I sat on a plane to Africa when I saw that elephant. Suddenly I saw something, the elephant had the giggles. Then it lost control of its aircraft. After a few minutes while watching it I could see a lasso hanging patiently on the shelf. I lassoed it to the pane by its foot. Finally, it was safe to go to Africa.
    “Wait, what are they?” I crazily whispered in my head.
    “Ahh! It’s hyenas” one of the passengers screamed hysterically.
    “O.M.G. it is; a pack of flying hyenas.”

  6. Tima says:

    Today was going to be a superlative day, as today in school we were going to go to London to watch an extremely special show. Although we didn’t get told what we were going to watch I was still excited, some people thought that the show would be a useless workshop on maths or something, but why would we go all the way to London for a workshop if we could do it here? I was totally sure that it was going to be something special once I found all that out. Soon after, we were given a letter to read once we got home, but I just couldn’t wait and the only thing that I thought of for the evening was about the letter and the show, I did get really bad marks in my test, but it was worth it. Literally, no one in the school really thought about the show, except me of course. I didn’t ven care about my friends during break. I only had dreams about the show since then, thinking aboout what the show could be about. It was finally the day, the day that I would finally find out what the show was actually going to be about. I only thought about the show when we were going there, while on The Tube, while walking and while waiting for the show to start. Finally, we were ready to watch the show and the only thing that went on stage was… An elephant. I couldn’t believe we went all this way to see just an elephant. People were sniggering everywhere and I was miserable. Suddenly, the stage lifted up the elephant surprisingly high and and then a man went up to the elephant and attached a hang glider to the elephant. At first I thought that the man was crazy and mindless, but then the elephant jumped and… surprisingly flew like a professional. I was amazed and once we went back I didn’t believe that that actually happened.

  7. Mason Rogers says:

    When Logic Is Not Logic

    People in the stone age would have hover-boards and we would have planks of wood!
    We would be able to bet stuck in objects when they don’t want to and also repetitively teleport, from London to Paris to who knows!
    We could even live on the Sun naked!
    Some places will be on floating islands!
    Even elephants could hang glide!

  8. Thomas Scammell says:

    The Hang gliding elephant.

    One day I saw a elephant soar high, high, high in the sky but then I see that I and me are seeing things the elephant who I saw had never soared high in the sky with he and I.

  9. Grace woodcock says:

    You’l never guess what I saw, ok ok ok, I saw a massive elephant flying through the sky. I mean since when would you see an elephant flying through the sky. What happened was, the elephant had escaped from the zoo that day and it found a very strong glider, and he got on it. Then there was this sudden gust of wind and he was in the air in the blink of an eye!!!

  10. Lana says:

    In the picture, I can see an elephant, as heavy as a thousand kilograms. The tiny, pepper black birds work incredibly hard, pulling the massive mammal. The black birds are Egyptian slaves, using all their might, whereas, the relaxed elephant just sits there, like a king or queen, staring up at the beautiful evening sky. The pure blue ocean waves wave kindly up, as if gazing at the black and dark blue carpet lying above itself. There sits a lovely sunset, smiling down on the workers and their master, the probably lazy elephant. The elephant’s sleek, grey skin shines like the bright, setting sun. The birds look as tired as babies, and I think they’re about to stop…

  11. Melisa says:

    As I was serenely sailing,watching the sky turn a neon orange,something caught my eye. That something was a seven foot tall baby elephant.The sea below it cowered away ,afraid that the monstrous elephant would fall into it.When I looked closely ,I saw that the platform was attached to strings. I followed it with my eyes and saw the seagulls heave the elephant on it with all their might.They were slaves and there were thousands of them;the flock was so hunched up together that they looked like an ordinary cloud! SQUAK! SQUAK! I could easily tell from their squaking that the seagulls were in pain. As I watched them fly towards the horizon, I started to imagine what it would be like to hover in between the clouds.

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