Task 93
12th January 2015
Task 95
12th January 2015

Describe in 8-10 sentences who owns this bicycle. Where do they go with it, why do they have it and what’s its purpose?


  1. Aki says:

    Lying on the street was the rustiest, ugliest, most ancient bike you have ever seen. Abandoned for over two decades, unloved, uncared for and undesired. The children of this town say: if you touch it you will turn into stone ! “You will get the burgies and you will become haunted ! “. A long came Mr Stink he had no transport but desperately wanted a transport. This was his opportunity !. The ingenious stupidty of the children’s stries made Mr Stink laugh. His first destination was his counsin’s house because his counsin was his best friend. The journey was long and treacherous but there was no doubt that Mr Stink will make this journey.

  2. Joseph says:

    In my writting i will tell you all about my wonderful bike that i recently got for my birthday[ 25th January] This will be a information text containing all the amazing facts about my new bike.

    My new bike has a light blue out line with a green inside it also has a weaved wooden basket with all the stuff i need to carry inside it. It’s really helpful and really light weight so I can easily ride it.

    This paragraph, I will tell you a secret, this is a super bike that has a super turbo speed so I can go really fast up to 100mph! but if i was in traffic i can switch a red button and fly over all the traffic to get were i need to go easily.

    Because this bike is so magical only i can use it, I have two locks to be very safe the first is a password to start up the bike but if someone finds out the password i have a finger print recognition so only i can use it otherwise somebody could steal it and sell it.

    So that is the amazing fact file of my magical bike thank you for spending your time reading this i hope you really enjoyed it but don’t tell anyone about this, keep it a secret not even your very best friends.

  3. Ksenia says:

    Surrounded by presents Lucy opened the biggest one. It was a bike, just as she wanted! It had shiny aqua outlining, a spacious wicker basket attached to the front and a wheels twice the size the ones on Lucy’s old bicycle. As she hopped on the girl felt the comfy leather seat spring with a quiet squeak. Then, trying rose pink bell Lucy heard a sound like a tiny bird singing a sweet melody. With a smile on her face, forgetting to open the other gifts she rode away.
    On her first ride she felt that peddling was effortless and steering was obedient. She was thrilled with her new bike!
    Now every weekend with Toby (Lucy’s curious puppy) poking out of the basket they disappeared off to the park. All in all the girl is delighted with her new bike!

  4. Fayo I says:

    It was a dark criminal night and I was coming home from school languidly . I had no idea where I was going but kept going straight ; I was as tired as a bird carrying its heavy burden across the skies . My eyes were cumbersome but in the moons silhouette I could see a figure. It moved… glowed… even breathed . I came closer , more scared. I touched the radiant ball.
    BANG! I felt myself spinning. Suddenly it stopped . I knew I was somewhere else because it was more leafy. I opened my eyes and there was a bike moving itself. I stood up still astonished .
    “Hello” , the bike whispered. I screamed but nothing vocalised .

  5. Will Chow says:

    Lying at the back of the old, vile, rusty garage lay a colourful, inviting bike, my brother Harry looked deep down at the garage then slowly he took a step towards the bike, the closer he came to the bike the more scared I was. Then suddenly SQUEAK!!! An ear piercing shriek came from a titanic rat hurdling towards Harry with a despicable look on its face, I picked up the nearest thing around me and through it at the fat rat like an asteroid hurdling towards earth. It hit the rat perfectly in the chest, it howled in pain so I yelled to Harry,

    “Grab the bike and scram!”

    So he did it, he ran like a bolt of lightning and in less than ten seconds he was out of the garage tip top shape. I looked back at the garage, the rat was still alive but it wasn’t interested in Harry anymore it was into a tennis ball.
    Once we closed the garage door and we showed dad the bike he got straight to work in fixing it. While he was doing that I told Harry why he wanted that bike, he said that he wanted it so much because he wanted to give it a really cool make over so it would like a new, fresh bike.

    After dad finished repairing the bike Harry got out his paint kit and started painting with swirly lines and a little name written in blue Speed Bump. Finally when he had finished he let it dry then he got on it and started to ride it,

    “I love this bike! I’m going to keep it forever!” boomed the excited little boy

    So he kept Speed Bump and rode it to School, Nan’s house and our house. So he and the bike lived happily ever after.

  6. The beautiful blue bike

    The beautiful bike, once as blue as the sky, lie at the back of a dusty old garage covered in cobwebs and dirt.
    Nobody ever used the bike now and it had been forgotten about for many years.
    The people who owned the bike were lazy old lion’s who always intended to clean it and the garage up, but they never did.
    One sunny day they decided that enough was enough so they went and started to clean. They were there for hours frantically cleaning up.They had cleaned up half of it but still there was still plenty to do. After about 4 hours they found the dirty bike in a dusty corner. Then one of them decided to get a blue cloth, a big bucket of soapy water and some polish! They both were scrubbing mightily hard at the bike to get all of the dirt and cobwebs of.
    Finally they finished, the bike and garage looked wonderful! The chrome of the handlebars glistened like a diamond in the beautiful sunshine. They decided that they were going to use the bike and garage more often and not let them get dirty.

  7. Adam Hickey says:

    The Bike
    This bike belongs to a caring girl who loves nature. The brown basket at the front is where her adorable puppy sits calmly, enjoying the scenic vista ecstatically, poking its long, pink tongue out. The helpful 13-year-old goes to the playful, perfect park and the spectacular shops on the bike.
    The turquoise colour of the bike connects to the dirty gears. Wheels as big as dustbin lids go round and round, clashing with the cobbled, stony ground. Turning and twisting rapidly the ebony handles steer the massive monster. The shiny saddle sits on top of the steel bar, neglected sorrowfully. The pedals circulate repeatedly as the driver steers the brilliant bike contentedly. They have so much fun on this fantastic transport.

  8. Tima says:

    It was the ugliest bike in the whole of school. People crowed around it to see the weird bike. There was even shoving and punching to see the extremely weird bike. It seemed like everyone in the school was around the bike. Then I noticed that not everyone was crowded around the bike. All except one boy, Robbie, were looking at the bike. He was my best friend and he was standing awkwardly away from the bike. Suddenly, I noticed that it was his bike, his mum told me that she brought a new bike for Robbie recently because his old (but awesome) bike was broken. I went up to him and asked why he had a bike like that. However, he responded in a deep, quiet voice “I had no other choice…”

  9. Joseph says:

    My new bike is a light green bike with a lovely thatched basket to carry my shopping in. Everywere I go I will ride it .
    I’m going to tell you a secret, this is a magic bike that can fly over the earth and to the moon and back but it won’t
    need any power or fuel to run it. All my friends thinks it is lame but if only I could tell them they would be so jealous
    of me and would love to ride it. Although my wheels are rusty and flat so no one steals it. One day i hope to fly to
    Australia in it with all my family.

  10. Thomas Scammell says:

    My bike, my bike is green with black dots
    it is made with hard metal which can take a few shots
    as fast as I go my bike stays in one part
    if it were to break it would shatter my heart
    I hope I can ride this bike through my life
    through my kids
    and through my wife.

  11. Melisa says:

    I walked toward the back of a famous factory,owned by my dad,and I found this bike.It was so red that it looked like it was made entirely out blood! I never had any common sense until I was about thirteen,anyway,I felt like I read about this blood-red bike but it was only a legend .There was a tag screaming at me to read it; it said ‘Ride one lap around this field and you will be possessed’. I ripped the tag(which I would soon find out was telling the truth)off and gingerly got onto the bike.I rode one lap around the field and with every rock I passed by,they were scientists tell pleading me to get of the bike a that the curse was true but I stupidly ignored them not knowing that they would save my life.SCREEECH!WhenI pressed on the brakes, it made an eerie screeching sound,and when I got of the bike, I stood as still as a log.I was possessed…

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