Task 95
12th January 2015
Task 97
13th January 2015


  1. OC says:

    On a day like today

    Lying on the ground,
    On the itchy, itchy grass,
    Reading my book,
    Gazing at the clouds,
    This is fun to do,
    On a day like today,
    Your children are off as happy as can be,
    While you sit down relax and read,
    No dinners to make,
    They’re already there,
    In your picnic basket ready to share.

  2. OC says:

    On a day like today
    Lying on the ground,
    On the itchy, itchy grass.
    Reading my book,
    Waiting for the stars.

    This is fun to do,
    On a day like today.
    Your children are off as happy as can be,
    While you sit down and play.

    No dinners to make,
    They’re already there,
    Delicious in your picnic basket,
    All ready to share.

  3. I woke up. I looked around myself but I was lost; I tried to remember what had happened before I was here. RUSSLE, RUSSLE! I heard a shrub by me. I looked around myself but there was nothing much, trapped inside of fences, plants and a pillar. when I looked back to the shrub there was nothing there.

    Gloomy, depressed and confused, I looked at myself – “I’m stone,” I thought to myself, I was wearing a dress. Dark grey, I stood on the muddy floor. RUSSLE, RUSSLE… I heard it again! I ran to the bush and saw a little, crouched troll.

    The troll looked young, but not too young, and had ginger, fluffy hair that stuck up. He stared at me and I stared at him. He wore a soft top, as soft as fur. He also wore black trousers.

  4. Daisy Nash =^) says:


    Emerald green grass danced, as the wind, howling like a wolf, about to eat its prey, majestically walked past. Behind the meadow, a forest, standing proud, stretched its arms across the land.
    It was an extremely hot day so, as I was reading my ruby red covered book, the scorching sun was touching my skin.
    The wind smelt like a fresh summer breeze, occasionally gently blowing on my face. Sometimes i could feel lady-birds and ants slowly crawling on my flesh, tickling me.
    Every so often, I could hear bees flying round collecting flowers’ pollen, to make honey.

  5. Lauren Cooper says:

    It was a misty morning as the sun rose over the local field in Wethermerry, a town which had elegant houses and lots of nature. A girl named Ella, skipped down the path and lay down on a patch of mossy grass – her hair spreading like wildfire. She took her book out of her backpack and started to read quietly. Ella did not care that the long grass scratched at her arms, she was just glad that it was a lovely summer’s day and she was doing what she enjoyed most… reading.

  6. Adam Hickey says:

    Saying Goodbye to this Description

    On a beautiful, summer’s day, the long, verdant grass, sways like green ribbons in the gentle breeze. A petite lady lay peacefully, reading her massive book. The fir trees are almost impenetrable. A blazing carpet of bluebells observes trees bursting with blossoms. A symphony of songbirds reverberates in the air. Dew-soaked grass is like a field of liquid diamonds. Brightly coloured creepers, like party streamers travel though a dark, tangled maze of tunnels and secret paths. Roots like enormous wooden tentacles, grown under the ground. Dense trees swing to the rhythm of the wind.
    Clusters of purple blossoms swish like window-wipers on a car. The towering woodland like a crowd of vivid, green umbrellas, fling their delicate leaves up to the sky. The leaves hang like fragile feathers. Diminutive buds of wild flowers lay like a carpet of confetti.
    People adore this excellent, ecstatic estate and hundreds of tiny hands wave from trees, saying goodbye to this description.

  7. Gracie Parker says:

    You’ll get me this new book, won’t you? After all I’ve finished my last book and I have nothing to read! If you don’t buy me this book my brother and sisters TV power will ricochet off of them and on to me.

    Books are academic and good for your intelligence. You’ve always said you want me to be top of the class, and this will help. You say you want me to read classic books to help with my eleven plus and this is one of the best you can find.

    I’ll be able to unwind in the evening and sit back and relax. It’s a never ending story of magic all inside a cover.

    Everybody has it, ask all my friends, the’ll all tell you how good it is and how much I need to get it.

    Your you after all, so you’d do anything for me. Wouldn’t you?

  8. Grace woodcock says:

    I was lying on the ground reading a book
    Daisy surrounding me
    In the silky, smooth grass
    The bright sun shining in my eyes
    Not one cloud in sight
    Not one drop of rain to fall from the sky
    Birds tweeting
    Dogs (and their owners) running
    The slow breeze swiftly skimming my face
    I closed my eyes
    And just imagined what it would be like
    If I (Grace Woodcock) were in a world of my own

  9. Matthew says:

    Lying upon the meadow of emerald green grass, sat a young, handsome and intelligent man gazes upon the minuscule book in front of him. Surrounding him, tall, verdant grass gently sways in the calm summer breeze. His eyes remain glued to the pages.

    Sprinkled across the vast landscape, small, glass beads of rain rest on top of the grass from the light drizzle. Surprisingly, he ignores the beauty that engulfs him, and he continues to read. His pupils are as focused on the book as a squirrel burying his nuts for the winter. Slowly, he closes the book; he had finished for the day. THUMP! The man rises from the earth, picks up his belongings, and strolls back home, across the sea of elegance and nature…

  10. Diya Jena says:

    The army of verdant, viridescent grass danced past. Leaves, as dainty as feathers, glided to the floor like graceful ballerinas. With the sun’s rays beating down on me, I couldn’t resist fidgeting with my ruby-red book. The forest with varied trees swished and swayed in the slight breeze which also carried the sweet aromas of wildflowers.

  11. Melisa says:

    The stressed school boy ripped open his rucksack and got out a book.’An Elephant In The Garden’ it was.The elephant on the front cover had grey skin like gunmetal with a bluish tinge,which was funny because the book was about the second world war.The grass would sneek a peek when the wind would blow and you could hear the bird’s beautiful tweeting. Tweet!Tweet! As the sun was setting it acted like a mother and said for the boy to run along home and start studying for his GCSE’s because they were very important. The boy packed up the book and ran under the neon orange sky.When he turned to his street,when he came in front of his house where it should have been,it was gone…

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