Task 98
13th January 2015
Task 100
13th January 2015


  1. Mason Rogers says:

    One nice sunny day nine kids went canoeing. Six had an oar, two per canoe. There was one child on each boat that was good. The one not using the oar would give directions and commands. Though one of them was lazy he was called Sam Batterson. So the two people didn’t know where to go. They were lost. Luckily there was an extra person who guided them back. Sam was told to swap with someone else, he rejected saying “NO!” but he got in trouble. So nowadays Sam is not lazy. He is really active and got fit he does not even do anything that he used to do. So he eats fruit , veg , meat and fish not candy, chocolate and crisps. So he is not fat no he has a perfect body-weight and learnt his lesson not to be lazy anymore.

  2. Olly says:

    We were all been looking forward to our school trip. Our teacher, Mrs Bumblebee, had said it was something extremely exciting and finally she said she would say where we are going for our school trip. Mrs Bumblebee walked slowly up to the nearest table and hit it repetitively making a drum roll then shouted with enthusiasm
    “Canoeing on the Norfolk Broads!” She said happily, “We will be staying a local hotel on the outskirts of Norwich and will have free bus ride to a cafe 4 miles away on the banks of the river. We will be doing a extended piece of writing when we get back.”
    “AAWWWWWWWWWWWW!” said the class with faces as long as The Great Wall of China.
    “Well, there’s the bell for Lunch. See you later!”

    The day finally came round for us to go to Norfolk. Everyone was so excited. We left the school around 9:30 and got the bus to take us there. It was a long drive but eventually we got there and an instructor was waiting for us by the river.
    “Hi everyone!” said the instructor,” My name is Nick and I will be teaching you how to canoe!”
    After Nick had taught us the basics we all got in a canoe and headed out. It was very funny because only after a few minutes Jamie fell head first into the water. He came out looking like a half drenched rat! Everybody seemed to be having lots of fun. Then the teacher called “I’m looking forward to reading your extended piece of writing when we get back!”

  3. Shianne Avatt says:

    One beautiful Sunday morning,six children where out canoeing in the river next to the park they where practicing for a big competition next Saturday they’re was three girls three boys plus there coach Robin loon he won two golds and six silver. They all loved racing each other it was three per canoe their coach was always telling them to be so careful and nether to cheat they practiced so hard they were laughing and giggling then suddenly like a cheetah catching its prey the other team knocked they’re boat and the girls fell in the water and went to the bottom luckily ,Tilly and Maya could swim but Sophie couldn’t swim that well so she went to the bottom both Tilly and Maya swam to the bottom and caught her and swam back up. The next day at school they’re was a huge fight the coaches were also fighting like cat and dog the other team named the cheetahs were accusing the excellent team named the sharks of cheating in the last race. then all of a sudden the headteacher furiously shouted ” ENOUGH,” they all stopped and started blaming each other . Saturday came and the cheetahs and sharks were still not talking to each other the only people that kinda made up were the coaches because the headmaster threatened to firer them from their job ,they all booked in then the race began” good luck” said the sharks” good luck” said the cheetahs smirking and giggling .They all got into there new and polished canoes and began to canoe down the river .Suddenly the boys boat stopped and wouldn’t work the cheetah looked back and laughed the judges saw it and stopped the race the the cheetah had been taken out of the race it was final the sharks won the race even though the canoe stopped working . The cheetahs coach was furious with them for cheating like that , the sharks were so pleased with them selves they celebrated for days it was the first time in two years they won a race. The moral to this story is never to cheat because it doesn’t get you very far at all.

  4. Ksenia says:

    The third day of our adventure welcomed us in a very summery way. The vivid sun shone and the glinting river smiled back merrily. In the water I could see my reflection, just like in a mirror. Buzzing bees bustled in the tall emerald grass which was swaying side to side in the fresh breeze. Birds glided over our heads chatting and telling stories to one another.
    Unfortunately, the weather changed swiftly. Clouds began to appear, rain started to stream down from the grey gloomy sky, wind whipped the tiny droplets to spit into our faces. The river grew angry and threw waves at us. I glared down at the miserable water, the fish were also panicking and getting confused.
    “Turn right, quickly, turn right!” screamed our captain in a rush, but at that very moment our paddle snapped. Non-stop the river roared like a beast and carried us away, I battled the fear that had grabbed me and tried to calm myself. Then the predator tossed us out on the shore.
    After lying for a long time I woke up.
    “Yes, we are safe and sound!” I thought to myself and although I was exhausted I began to dance, skip, hop with joy. When my friends awoke we found a cosy cave, it was quite dark but luckily I found cook’s matches in my pocket, lots were soggy and broken however a few weren’t. We made a fire. As I got warm I watched my friends faces through the dancing flames, asking me what was going to happen tomorrow, I thought about home and wondered was this the end of our adventure…

  5. One sizzling summers day, a young generous boy, by the name of John, awoke from his bed. It was his eleventh birthday, he rushed downstairs realizing his seven presents wrapped up ready to be opened. He received many of the presents he asked for and they were all Lego ninjago masters of spinjitzu. He noticed the time and his friends were going to arrive any moment soon, suddenly the doorbell rang, John was so excited he could hardly breathe as he opened the door. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends that they were going canoeing so he explained everything in the car. They put on their life jackets and started sailing. They were having fun until one of John’s friends noticed a peculiar figure in the water. Out of the blue, the figure shot out the water, the boat capsized while a shark headed towards them. Luckily, a life boat viewed the terror and pulled everyone to safety but could they handle the escaped shark?

  6. FC says:

    Yes! We’ve just arrived at the everglades swamp in Florida I was thrilled when it was my turn to get on the boat, “we might not see many alligators” said grandad wisely.
    I was flabbergasted, never in my life have I been so disappointed.
    But when he saw the expression on my face, he told me that we’re going to see a lot but not as many because its night but we’ll see other things.
    When we passed the first alligator, I saw its dark eyes shining like venom. The others were just the same but incredibly , most of them were babies!
    “That was amazing”, I said to grandad.
    “Glad you liked it” said grandad with a nice warm smile.

  7. Gracie Parker says:

    Once in a small country was a small county and in that small county there was a small town and in that small town there was a small village and in that small village there was a small holland on that hill there was a SCARY SCARE CROW!
    He would stand up straight guarding the crops from the crows 24/7.
    It was amazing, no pesky crows would be there all day or all night, every day and every night whatever the weather.
    The sweet crops grew as high as can be and the new farmer was amazed that all 1000 seeds that he had grown were actually food now. No crows had got to them or any other bird all thanks to George the

  8. Ieva says:

    The Thing That Took Her:
    “Come on Kat!” I called as Kat and I raced to the fields. The picturesque view had once caught my eye last Summer and I had to adventure further. There was something mysteriouse about this pace, but I couldn’t put my finger on it…
    “Too slow Queen of Daydreams!” Kat laughed as she ran past me.
    “Hey that’s not fair!” I called back. We ran across the fields until we reached the edge where there was a cliff.
    “Wow…” Kat stood paralized whilst staring at the view. I still couldn’t believe that this was the plae… where my mum disapeared… “Hey what’s that?” Kat asked as she made her way through the grass to an eerie looking scarecrow.
    “I don’t know, I didn’t realise is was there last time,” I wondered. Suddenly, we heard a scream that could scare away birds for at least a couple of miles. “W-What was that?!” I stammered. Just then the scarecrow turned round. The scream was heard agaim. And everything happened so fast. The world seemed to spin around. Everything went dark. “Mum?” I whispered.
    “It’s okay sweetie, just come to me,” the gentle voice of my mother spoke.
    “DON’T PEARL! iT’S A TRAP!” I heard the Kat shout at me.
    I was torn. I didn’t know what to do. Could I trust the voice I heard for my first years of life? There was only one way to find out…
    “Mum, what was the secret you kept from me?” I asked.
    “I kept no secrets from you sweetie,” replied the voice of my mum, but it wasn’t her. I stood up and ran to Kat.
    “Quick, run!” I commanded. I couldn’t stay here a second longer. That was not my mother. It was the thing that took her…

  9. NZG says:

    The fragrant smell of manure battered my nostrils like a think silky cushion of stink. I could see the trees swaying ,as if in some trance, against the pale blue sky. Rays of sunlight glistened on clear puddle water. We trudged on with the music of the squabbling crows playing in discord against the gentle buzzing of the busy bees.
    A slithering shadow of a cloud, all alone, drifted across a peaceful horizon. Suddenly right in front of me was a raggedy, tattered scarecrow. He seemed to loom over me in my pink pirate wellies. My heart pounded, there was a lump in my throat. Then the breeze blew and his hand stitched eyes turned with his cloth bag head, once more scouting for sneaky crows. We were nearly there. This day out was not what I imagined or expected. When mum said farm I thought cows, cheese and cafe…..may have been a little off in my expectations with this one. Jumping Jim’s farm looked different on the internet, far less fields and mud. The truth be known I was secretly happy about the mud. Straight ahead, as the crow flies we saw the welcome poster showing us the way like a light house on a dark night.
    By the time we arrived the sun was mid way through the morning sky, Mum was like a bull with a sore head,only food and a coffee would fix her. First stop cafe!

  10. Sujana Tazmeen says:

    Our first day of canoeing welcomed us heartily. The gleaming sun glistened glamorously while the calm, cool breeze whistled in the air. In the water, I could see my reflection smiling back on me. Our instructor, David Giltings told us our parts and chose me to be the leader. My heart leaped with joy, after all, it was a great honour being the leader. Our group climbed cautiously into the canoe, watching the water nervously. I sat in the leader’s seat, shining with pride. We all rowed, with our heart’s filled with with courage and confidence. After a while, the canoe suddenly tippled to a side, and hopefully everyone except my best friend, Lily,who couldn’t swim, fell into the water screaming my name,
    ”Laura! Help me! ”
    I adored everything about Lily, and could not live without her, so I dived in after her, leaving Dianne, my sister, in charge. I swam to the bottom, were I found Lily, not breathing, half conscious. I brought her to the surface but discovered that the boat had been rowed back to the riverbank. When I finally reached there, I came out along with Lily, who had become conscious once more. At school, during an assembly, Miss Brocklehurst called out,
    ”We have awarded a well- earned trophy to a particular student, Laura Jenkins, for showing love and belief to her friends”
    I was stunned, and when I arrived at my home, my parents praised me and said that I was their fortune. From that day on wards, I always trusted my friends, and always help those in need of encouragement.

  11. Diya Jena says:

    The shredded pieces of clothing hanging loosely from the creature’s stiff arms looked like they had been attacked by a million wolves. Straw stuck out of the ragged sleeves, desperately trying to find freedom. The reeking smell of the manure did not repel the scarecrow in any way. Triangular eyes, triangular teeth and a triangular nose seemed to frighten crows more than they were frightened of snakes.

  12. Melisa says:

    The scarecrow’s orange,plump pumpkin head was carved to perfection to scare off the mischievious crows that came stealing the poor farmer’s crops.It’s straw hat had bits of hay sticking out here and there and the scarecrow’s ragged clothes hung in shame.The fruits and vegetables were like peasants looking up to their king,the scarecrow, and the birds were like hungry ,vicious wolves being chased away from their prey.SQUAK!SQUAK!The birds snipped their naughty beaks at the goods but they would never manage to have a bit because the heroic scarecrow would frighten them away.

  13. Matthew says:

    As the sun peaked its head over the horizon, it showered shimmering sunlight upon the scarecrow, sending its shadow lying silently on the ground. The monster-like creature towered over the plots of land that surrounded him. He was as intimidating to the crows as a terrifying dragon to us…

    His legs and arms were forged out of long, sturdy sticks, his head with a pumpkin, some straw, and a couple of your worst nightmares. What was most scary, however, is that it was as quiet as a mouse. The scarecrow never made a single sound, but the pesky crows stayed far away from its grasp. The demon just kept watching, waiting…

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