About the course

Our GCSE English tuition is tailored to reflect the requirements of the specific examination board that the pupil is working to. The key areas that will be covered for all pupils include:

  • Ensuring that your child is able to analyse unseen fiction including:
    • Investigating narrative techniques
    • Settings
    • Characterization
    • Language.
  • Teaching your child to annotate and respond to texts in order to improve exam technique.
  • Showing your child how to respond coherently and effectively to non-fiction passages, especially examining purpose and audience as well as language and structure.
  • Ensuring that your child is able to compare texts, from purpose and form to the writer’s methods and approaches.
  • Developing your child’s written skills so as to ensure that they are able to:
    • Write arguments effectively
    • Plan their work in an efficient and structured way
    • Develop their spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Teaching your child how to analyse prose, drama and poetry with an emphasis on plot, themes, characterisation, structure and language.

The S6 GCSE tuition process begins with a comprehensive assessment which enables us to identify knowledge gaps and tailor our tuition accordingly.

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