Although our business lies within the private sector, our key foundations are no less relevant to the mainstream education system. Due to the successes of the company, we want to give back to the educational community by ensuring that children have access to high academic standards.

Throughout primary and secondary education, competition is rife and we want to provide the opportunity for all children to achieve exceptional results, regardless of background or wealth.

Many families face difficulties in supporting their children academically and not all of them are able to seek help through private tuition. We are therefore targeting local schools throughout Essex and London, with the hope that our successful teaching methods can be adapted and utilised within each school’s approach.

We are keen to ensure that children who are struggling can progress effectively and those that need to be stretched are given the chance to do so.

By providing initial assessments and termly reviews, we are hoping to demonstrate the importance of structure and repetition through our proven teaching methods, providing beneficial results and infinite support to those that need it most.

Our community project is ongoing and consequent updates relating to it will be posted here.