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The Chelmsford County High School test consists of 2 papers each of which last one hour.

The papers are marked by a computer, so it is essential that children are well briefed as to how they should complete their answers.

CCHS Test – What is tested

Tests are CEM style questions and cover the following key areas:

  • Verbal Ability
  • Numerical Ability
  • Non Verbal Ability

How can S6 help?

One-to-One Tuition

Our exceptional One-to-One tuition process has been personally developed by Stephanie Williams. With a 97% success rate and 13 years experience, Stephanie has been able to ensure that almost all of her pupils gain a place in their first choice of school.

Mastering 11+ examinations is not just about practice. Questions can vary in style from year to year and so as well as ensuring that your child is academically competent across all key 11+ areas, our tutors will ensure that their pupils have the practical skills and techniques to approach unfamiliar types of questions.

To find out more about our premium One-to-One services, please see One-to-One Tuition

Group Tuition

We run a number of group tuition sessions in various centres across London Essex and Kent. To find out more, please go to:


If availability is limited for your time / locations, please email enquiries@s6tutoringacademy.co.uk to be added to the waiting list and to be kept informed of new course dates and times.

Mock Examination Courses

S6 run 11+ mock exam courses throughout the summer period. These courses will give your child invaluable experience of examination conditions which can help enormously with nerves on the day of the actual 11+. The mock exam courses also enable our tutors to identify any areas of weakness that may still need further reinforcement.

To find out more, please see CEM Mock Exam Course.

S6 Online Hub

The S6 Hub is an online testing environment that has been carefully developed by our team to ensure that your child gets plenty of practice. With over 14,000 questions and testing across all key competencies, the hub ensures that your child will never be short of practice material.

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Free Revision Pack

Our FREE revision pack can be downloaded here: