Creative Writing Booster Club

The Creative Writing Booster Club is an intensive 6 week course that takes place during the Summer months and is carefully designed to develop the creative writing skills, confidence and competence required to successfully pass the 11+.

During each session, students will be introduced to the key skills required within creative writing and these skills will be developed as the course progresses.

Each session will cover a new creative writing element such as:

  • Finding a voice
  • Using descriptive devices
  • The plot mountain
  • Short story writing
  • Poetry
  • Using dialogue
  • Instructive writing
  • Persuasive writing

After each session, students will be given a homework task which will reinforce the skills that they have learnt.

Students will be provided with:

  • Step by step solution strategies
  • Practice questions
  • Interactive activities
  • Follow-up worksheets

Students are also encouraged to partake in the online Creative Writing Challenge which will enable them to practice further and receive additional feedback on their progress.

Important Information

Students will require the following:

  • 1 x Ring binder A4 File with 6 x dividers
  • A4 Lined paper
  • Clear pencil case
  • 3 Sharp pencils
  • 2 Rulers
  • 2 Rubbers
  • 2 Sharpeners
  • 2 Highlighter pens
  • Post It Notes
  • Egg timer
  • Dictionary
  • Small bottle of water

Ramsden Bellhouse

Start Date:

End Date:

Weekly on a Wednesday


Mock Exam Course – £599
Individual Sessions – £149 (min 3 x sessions)