The Kent Test was revised and updated for the September 2014 tests. The changes caused there to be more of an emphasis on English and maths skills rather than reasoning. There are two separate papers within the test. Paper 1 is an hour long containing English and Maths questions that are multiple choice.Within each section, there is a five-minute practice exercise, and then a 25-minute test. Within the English section, there are questions on reading, comprehension and literacy skills.Paper two is also an hour long, that is multiple choice verbal and non-verbal questions. The non-verbal reasoning section is sub sectioned into four parts with timing specific to each of them.They will also be require to complete a 40-minute writing task- after being giving 10 minutes to plan. This is not marked unless your child is a “borderline case”, where it will be marked and used in combination with your child’s current schoolwork and information about their achievement to decide whether they are of grammar-school ability.The exam is sat when your child is Year 6 either at their own primary school or a designated test centre.
The Kent test is taken for children to be considered by any of the 35 grammar schools in the Kent County Council area. The test is written by GL Assessment especially for the area and it is different every year in order to try and avoid people predicting what could come up. Previously, children who passed the Kent Test could also apply for grammar schools in the neighbouring borough of Bexley, and vice versa, but this is no longer the case, so if you want to apply to schools in both areas your child will have to take both tests
You have to register your child to take the test. This can be done by visiting or calling 03000 412121. The closing date is usually the beginning of July, with the test in September. If you register online, your child’s results will be sent by email rather than first class post, so you’ll get them sooner.

One of the most common question is what will happen if I move to Kent after the Kent Test has taken place and I would like my child to attend one of the area’s grammar schools. The simple answer to this is- your child will still need to be assessed and this can be arranged through the grammar school you are intending to apply for. Until the end of the first term in the school year, all grammar schools will use the Kent Test to admit new starters.
The pass mark in Kent is different every year, depending on the range of children’s results. The exam marks are standardised (adjusted slightly to take account of your child’s exact age on testing day).