How to keep your child entertained on a long car journey-

  1. Buy some activity books– such as drawing, colouring or puzzles. Traditional story or picture books are great if your kids love to read, too.
  2. Travel games are still available in many forms, including Connect Four, Battleship, Chess. These will keep your child entertained for hours.
  3. Audio books played through a portable MP3 player are great for keeping your kids busy whilst you are travelling for many hours.
  4. Take frequent stops. These are not only essential for toilet breaks, but if you aim for somewhere a little unusual along the way, like an interesting tourist attraction, they can help with boredom, too.
  5. A tablet is expensive, but it’s a favourite with parents and keeping children busy. It offers multiple options to your kids such as books, films, games, puzzles and even educational apps.
  6. Or you could try a portable DVD player with a selection of your child’s favourite cartoons.
  7. Never underestimate the power of the good old word game such as I-Spy, and Twenty Questions are great ways to fire your kids’ imaginations.
  8. Kids love cameras, so buy a cheap digital one and get your kids to take as many photos as they can. .
  9. Snacks are essential to make any car journey pass with the minimum of fuss, but don’t go for junk – choose nutritious foods that take a while to eat and keep bellies full for a long time, such as raisins.
  10. Tell a story, or better still, get your kids to make one up. Or you could all tell a story together in a round, with each member of the family making up a sentence at a time.