Manor Junior School Registration

S6 Tutoring is a private limited company in the education sector, dedicated to tutoring and mentoring young people. The company is young and vibrant and is the choice for parents who want their children to maximise their academic potential. Our vision is to play a pivotal role in improving academic standards and our dedicated team of tutors help make this goal a reality.
We receive excellent recommendations from previous clients and continue to attract new business, mainly due to our team commitment, structured tuition strategy and outstanding academic results. Our 11+ results released from last year showed that 93% of our students passed their exam and secured a place in their preferred choice of grammar school. This success was mirrored for students sitting specific entrance exams for private/independent schools as well as those undertaking their SATs. Our standards are therefore incredibly high and we continue to maintain them through our positive and personal approach.
Due to the successes of the company, we would like to give back to the community by ensuring that all children have access to these high standards. We want to provide the opportunity for children to achieve exceptional results regardless of background or wealth, as we are more than aware of the difficulties that families can face in order to support their children academically.
We are therefore in the process of approaching local schools throughout the area, with the aim of introducing ourselves and eventually being able to demonstrate our methods, providing academic support where it’s needed most. We are keen to ensure that any children who are struggling are given the opportunity to progress and those that need to be stretched are also given the chance to do so.
We understand that each school is entirely different in terms of approach and ethos, so we work to create a package distinctive to your school only. We discuss your requirements, areas of strength and weakness and your overall goals in relation to student attainment.
Please refer to our downloadable brochure via the link below for further information:
We look forward to starting work with the students, parents and teachers of Manor Junior School.

Manor Junior School Registration

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