S6 Hub Application

The S6 Hub is a portal enabling a complete overview of your child’s educational journey with S6 Tutoring Academy. The user friendly, intuitive site allows parents to be fully engaged with their child’s learning, monitoring their progress, tracking of payments and important dates in the academic calendar.

For students, it offers the opportunity to track progress, access motivational tools and test their own knowledge and understanding through SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Orientated) tests and personalised feedback.

The main features of the hub are separated into clearly defined areas, which together deal with administration, pupil testing and monitoring, with each element accessed with one simple click.

Our concise, easy to follow video guide will help you to navigate round the S6 Hub and to understand all of its features.

The S6 Hub has three levels of annual licensing

1-2-1 Client – Test Zone enabled

These licenses provide full access to the S6 Hub. Users will be able to track and update their lessons through the administrative tools, as well as access to all of the testing, feedback and reward schemes contained within the hub

1-2-1 Client – Test Zone disabled

These licenses only provide access to the administrative features of the S6 Hub. You can update your diary, alter lessons and book clubs/workshops

Test Zone Only

These licenses are for students outside of our geographical reach. These licenses provide access to the Test Zone and will also have the ability to request Skype lessons.

The Test Zone contains over 15,000 questions from KS1 up to and including elements of KS4. These questions are categorised into topic areas including Maths, English, Non Verbal Reasoning, Science and Verbal Reasoning. Once specific elements have been learnt, students have the opportunity to take a mock exam. This exam has a set time limit for each question, with the test automatically moving onto the next question, whether or not the student has selected an answer in the time allowed.

Our tutor panel monitors each and every exam that our students are working on, meaning tutors can identify areas where students may be having difficulties. Each student receives bespoke feedback which will enable them to develop their understanding. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are sent out whenever students hit their targets, with additional prizes awarded for every ten gold certificates achieved.

Experience has taught us that it is important for students to be able to understand and appreciate their progress. This is why we have developed the Racetrack feature as an essential part of the S6 Hub. The Racetrack allows students to visualise a start and finish to the course, which aligns with the start of their learning journey and reaching their goals. This is an excellent motivational tool which aids the understanding and importance of homework, completed in a SMART way. This device tracks, benchmarks and ranks all students, bringing their progress to life and putting their achievements into context.

Assessment feedback reports are also vital for both parents and students. They communicate progress and understanding and help to identify strengths and weaknesses, so that further teaching can be targeted in the right areas. It also allows for on-going monitoring and progress tracking. This information is readily available within the hub using the Assessment Feedback button, which will direct you to detailed reports containing personal feedback as well as your child’s updated peer group ranking, standard deviation format and an analysis of their confidence level. All reported using an Emoji system. Confidence level analysis is an excellent gauge of pupil knowledge and therefore a really useful addition to our feedback reports.


The administration section of the hub allows parents easy access to essential information. The student client card provides an area to securely store contact details and also to record important diary dates. These dates can be linked to alerts so that you don’t miss important deadlines or exams.

The direct booking forms provide parents with a convenient way to book any of our additional courses. Our summer 11+ Club, CEM-style Workshop and the Creative Writing Workshop can all be booked in advance, online, and the dates recorded in your individual diary. All feedback from these exams will also be sent to the central hub for you to review.

We know that keeping track of invoices and payments is important for parents, which is why we have included a personal payment page which logs every transaction and allows you to view past payment and invoices. There is also a separate area that explains all our Terms & Conditions so that everyone can be clear about the way in which we work.

A Hub video guide will be available for demonstration of all of the above elements shortly.

S6 HUB Application

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