Mock exams are a good opportunity to reduce any anxiety your child might have about sitting the SATs tests in Year 6 of primary school. Often, these mock exams and can offer a range of benefits to your child in the lead-up to the exam itself.

Mock exams can be set out in the same way as the real SATs exams, including sample questions that are similar to those that could be asked in the real test. While children might be confident in their knowledge of particular subjects, putting that into practice in the exam room is definitely worth practicing. Mock tests are very useful for showing your child what to expect from the SATs exam format and will put them at an advantage come SATs testing day.

The Key Stage 2 SATs may be one of the first times that your child experiences formal class test conditions. For Year 6 children, this can be a little unnerving and can sometimes result in unnecessary worry ahead of the exam. Sitting a SATs mock exam can help your child become more familiar with this formal environment, without the pressure of it being the actual exam. Mock exams can provide children with reassurance and help to calm their nerves.

Similar to practice exam papers, mock exams are a great way of improving your child’s time management. Although the SATs are relatively short time-wise, children must be able to read texts and answer questions quickly and confidently before moving on to the next one immediately after.

By sitting a SATs mock exam, children can learn to manage their time more effectively, giving them a better chance of answering all the questions in the test, rather than potentially missing out on marks for unanswered questions.

It’s unrealistic to expect children to be strong across all SATs subjects. The majority will most likely be stronger in some than others. Mock exams will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses both in their subject knowledge and/or their exam technique.

Having your child take mock exams will help you gauge their progress and identify any areas that need to be improved. This will enable your child’s revision to be more focused and targeted in the final run-up to their SATs.

When your child has committed to their SATs revision and has shown progress through practice exam papers, mock exams can be an excellent way of boosting their confidence ahead of the real SATs exam.

If your child performs well and gains a good result in the mock test, they will recognise that their hard work is paying off and as a result, their confidence will be higher come exam day.

Your child’s preparation for their mock exam should be no different to their preparation for Year 6 SATs. By the time they take the mock test, they should have been following a study plan and using SATs practice resources regularly. We would recommend the following practical tips for preparing for both mock SATs exams and the real SATs exam:

Your child should get plenty of rest the night before the test.
Ensure your child has a healthy, energy-packed breakfast on the morning of the exam.
Pack any SAT materials required for the exam the night before, to avoid stress in the morning.

Important Information

*All students must go to the toilet BEFORE they enter the exam hall. Students leaving the exam hall to go to the toilet will not be allowed to return until the start of the next exam. Pens and mobile devices are not permitted in the exam hall.

*Children will be expected to wear full school uniform (students will not be allowed to sit the exam if he/she is not dressed in school uniform) and to bring the following equipment in a clear plastic bag:

  • 3 sharp pencils
  • 2 rulers
  • 2 rubbers
  • 2 sharpeners
  • Small bottle of water to drink in between the Maths and VR exam
Students staying for the feedback session will be allowed an appropriate break and have a snack/packed lunch. Students can drop a packed lunch off at the point of registration.

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